Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Babor Basic Care | Lip Repair Balm

I don't think it would come as a surprise to anyone if I said that I was a huge lip product person. If I attend an event or even if a new collection is launched, the first thing I always look for is the new lip products. Its my one weakness that has left me with a ton of products that the only thing they have going for them is pretty packaging. Nevertheless I am still a sucker and no matter what I will still try a new one the minute it comes out. A couple of weeks ago I attended a BABOR event at the One & Only hotel and part of the gift bags was their Basic Care Lip Repair Balm.

The packaging is a very basic lipstick or lip balm tube but some how looks and feels allot more chic with the silver beneath the hard clear casing. The casing is allot thicker and better quality and the lid fits quite firmly on so there is no worries of it coming undone in your bag. The actual balm has a sweet vanilla scent which isn't over powering and actually quite pleasant to use. In the winter my lips become allot more sensitive and dry and even though I know its a bad habit, I find myself licking them allot more which only leaves them more sensitive and dry. When my lips get so dry there is very little that lip balm can actually do for me as I feel like I get this layer of dry skin that doesn't allow any product to penetrate it and actually help my lips. The BABOR lip balm however soaks into my lips immediately taking that burning sensation away softening the dry layer and immediately soothes my irritated lips. It also does not leave that oily layer behind that you sometimes get from lip balms.

Some of its ingredients is Argan oil which effectively helps regenerate the lipid layer of the skin, Shea butter which helps to supply and bind moisture. Avocado, soja, sesame and olive oil which helps nourish and soften the lips leaving it allot more supple.

The lip balm retails for R154,00 on which may seem excessive and allot more expensive than regular drug store lip balms, but it has some really great ingredients that targets allot more than regular lip balms.

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