Monday, June 30, 2014

Manicure Monday - Nails Inc Baker Street

Can we all just take a second to revel in the beauty that is Baker Street!! (moment of silence) I am going to best describe it as a neon royal blue, even more gorgeous and outstanding in person! I have never been the type of person that likes a actual blue nail polish, tiffany or aqua blue maybe but not royal blue. Baker street however has me smitten and in love. A colour you NEED to go out and buy!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in 30 Beige

I actually purchased this foundation a little over 3 months ago and have been holding off on the review because after using it a couple of times I actually hated it. See the problem is I have combination skin and I purchased this foundation in Summer. First off the foundation seemed like it was a shade to light for me and second this foundation caused a oily mess come mid day. So I kinda just put it to the back of my drawer and that's were it stayed my expensive but still gorgeous disappointment. Now that Winter is in full swing and my skin has changed and lightened a bit I decided to give the Vitalumiere Aqua another go and I have to say my take on it has changed in every way.

This is a water based foundation so you are going to need to shake it really well every time you use it especially if you haven't used it for a few days to get it to mix well. Because its water based I find that the best way to apply it is with the finger tips, for me it works well because I am able to apply and blend all over better. This foundation comes with a SPF15 which isn't that high but you cannot rely on your foundation solely for sun protection. Its a sheer to medium coverage that is very build-able, my only recommendation with building it is to allow each layer to settle a little before hand.

I do think this is still a oily foundation and wont be good for people with very oily skin. Now that its Winter my skin is a bit on the dryer side so I find having a more moisturizing foundation does help but I do still find it a bit more on the oily side. After applying it and allowing it to settle a little I do still find it sticky and a bit shinny but I have found setting it with a powder really helps it from sliding during the day and to control a bit of that shine. It lasts a good 4 to 5 hours before I start to see oily bits on my forehead and around my nose area but again blotting this with a bit of powder takes this away.

Over all this isn't the best foundation that I own but I find as a Winter foundation it really is nice to add some of the moisture and oil that my skin needs. I purchased this for R550 for a 30ml which is a bit pricey for a foundation but it is a high end brand and not really on the high side compared to allot of the other high end foundations that is out there.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wishing Wednesday - Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal Collection

I am pretty sure that by now most if not all of you would have heard about the new range of Maybelline Baby Lips that is gonna be released. If not what rock have you been living under? The new Crystal collection will be released here in South Africa really soon (YES you did read that right something new is actually coming to South Africa!!!) I cannot wait to get my hands on this gorgeous new sparkly range!

Monday, June 23, 2014

ELF Lip Exfoliator Review

I don't at all suffer with dry lips but there are certain times that it feels like I have a build up of skin that causes flaky bits which is just not a very flattering look on anyone. I've found that a simple lip exfoliation does wonders at just removing the dead skin and smoothing out the lips so that its nice and soft again. Up until now I have been using the Hey Gorgeous candy floss lip scrub you can read my review here and its been amazing but its the type of product you need to use in the privacy of your own home because its really a messy job.

With my recent trip to Walgreens I discovered the Elf Lip Exfoliator which is truly one of the best products I brought back from America. It actually comes in a lipstick form which makes taking it with me a breeze, applying it is like any other lip balm so you can literally do it anywhere. It comes in a square shaped black metal lipstick tube, describing the scent of it is a bit tricky because the first thing that came to mind was the honey comb inside a crunchy chocolate and then the original Wilson blocks so lets just say it has a really sweet sugary caramel scent. It is really sweet but I honestly hate the taste so I try my best not to lick it. Its a really good exfoliator but doesn't do much for moisturizing which is ok with me because that's not what i use it for. So right after I apply my normal lip balm which helps moisturize and take the taste away. I picked this up for $3 before tax. If your looking for a really good exfoliator that you can take with you where ever you go then I would recommend this product. Its everything with out the mess

ELF: Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with vitamin E, shea butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This lip exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

If it wasn't for the taste id rate this a 5 out of  5 but purely because the taste puts me off Ill give it a 4

Friday, June 13, 2014

Chanel Reflets d’Ete de Chanel Collection for Summer 2014 Launch

Last night I attended the launch of Chanels New Summer 2014 collection at the Chanel counter in the V&A Water front. This collection is definitely brighter than I expected and have the most amazing shades of nail polish and something that stood out to me was their purple mascara and the illusion d'ombres are definitely a gorgeous touch. The blush has more of a bronzey affect and the glosses were way more clear than I expected but still a really fun and playful range. Is there anything from this range that you would love to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments section.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wishing Wednesday - Acrylic Cosmetic Storage

At the moment my makeup storage consists of all sorts of acrylic jewelry boxes and acrylic organizers all bought from Clicks, which up until now has been perfect for displaying all my makeup. After my honeymoon and last few shopping hauls, I have gotten so many new gorgeous things that I've had to keep in their boxes all stacked on my dressing table because I am just to scared they get damaged. 

Now I've started saving for a cosmetic storage unit I'm not just sitting here crying my eyes out, but literally every time something has come up and I've seen myself using some or all of it (this month I got my cars license renewal argh) So I'm putting this out into the universe and hoping Santa will remember how good well behaved nice that I haven't murdered anyone this year YET that deserves a special present doesn't it? hahahaha

.....sends link to the husband hahaha

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MAC Fan Fare Cremesheen Lipstick

Fan fare is part of the Cremesheen line and if you don't know the Cremesheen line is highly pigmented, it allows for medium to full build-able coverage and is described as having a high shine finish and is really creamy and moisturizing on application.

MAC describes this as a mid-tone yellow pink and although researching it didn't bring up to many results the over all description is a mid-tone pink with coral undertones and a high shine finish. I am starting to believe that lipsticks look different on everyone and yes I do know this has allot to do with the natural pigmentation of your lips. Every picture and photo I looked at this looks like a really soft salmon pink. On myself however the effect was the total opposite.

Fan fare on me is a bright but not quite neon coral, a colour I would not normally have reached for ever! But the SA insisted that I give it a go and when I did I instantly fell in love. It really is creamy and moisturizing on application and the colour last a good 3 to 4 hours on me even with drinking and eating. The other totally opposite #oddball result I experienced is that fan fare had a some what matte finish on me (it did still have a gloss but very minimal) where as everyone else described it as a high shine.

Even though I think it has a some what matte finish it isn't drying at all but if you do however have dry lips I would seriously recommend lip balm before application as it does settle and emphasize the dry areas. If your a lover of coral then I would definitely recommend this lipstick but my best advice as with any lipstick try it on in store first and see if the colour works for you before you purchase it.

Packaging is the same standard bullet style tube with the tight fitting lid which I love and adore. Retails for R185,00

Monday, June 9, 2014

Manicure Monday - Essence Dare it Nude

So even though it is now Winter again I am trying my best not to continuously wear black nail polish (I've had it on 24/7 for the past two months or so) I actually bought this shade for a friend but when I got home I noticed she already had it so I just ended up keeping it for myself. I couldn't remember what the shade of nude she wanted was and when I got to the store they literally only had two shades so I took one of each. Ill admit the devil inside me is a little happy that I kept it because I am absolutely smitten with this shade. Its more on the side of a brownish nudes with pink undertones. In the bottle it has very very fine silver shimmer but this doesn't transfer at all over to your nails.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Sunday was Tattoo Day

So this past Sunday Gavin, my best friend and I all went for a tattoo (my 7th time). Let me first tell you that the tattoo I ended up getting was not what I planned. My initial inspiration was Katy Perrys bicep tattoo from the Music Video Eye of the Tiger but I wanted my wedding date in Roman numerals. Gavin didn't like the way it looked and there was no way I was gonna get actual numbers on me (come on I'm not planning on going to jail anytime soon but this is just not a hot look for a lady) So we then decided to get a couples tattoo (corny I know but I love it) We went with a script that reads Forever my Always I got it in a more feminine writing and added a little heart for extra love ;-) The original quote is "You will forever be my always" but its customized just for Him and I and I absolutely love the way it turned out. We also both got it on the left bicep because this one has a direct line to the heart. 

Do you have any tattoos or a couples tattoo let me know in the comments section I love looking at other peoples tattoos

Thursday, June 5, 2014

High end vs Drugstore Eye Liner

For the longest time I've been using the Chanel Youx Waterproof eyeliner in shade #10 (you can read my review here) its the only eye liner that hasn't given me any problems and that actually stays put for the entire day, but its quite expensive and not something I like wearing every day. I've been on the hunt for a drug store equivalent for some time now something that wont break bank but still gives the same results.

I present to you the Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in 01 Black fever. I picked this one up from both Dischem and Clicks for around R23.95 and I have been using it EVERYDAY for the last 3 to 4 months. As I've mentioned before, because I suffer from dry eyes I find it difficult to wear eye pencil that doesn't either make my eyes burn or it fades with in the first hour of me wearing it.

Essence on the left Chanel on the right

The essence pencil I can honestly say stands up to my Chanel pretty well. Its a really intense black and the colour intensity lasts all day. It is really smooth glides on really easily. It has a staying power of around 4 to 5 hours before it needs to be reapplied on my waterline, although its still very visible and intact along my lashes. It is a turn up pencil so allows for really precise application. It is really safe to use on sensitive eyes. This has become my everyday eyeliner and I can honestly say its a really good dupe for the Chanel.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishing Wednesday

Books, Books, Books I do adore! (Ya you need to me singing that haha)

For me this is probably not the normal wishing Wednesday post but I actually do love reading and I've recently been re decorating my spare room and turned it into a dressing room. So I've been on the hunt for cute fashion inspired decor and these books are something that can be both useful and decorative. The Loren Conrad books have been on the top of my list for a while now and are def the ones Id like to get first. There are a few others out that Id like as well but these are my top 6 for now. 

PS. All these books and many more fashion inspired are actually available at Bargain Books

Monday, June 2, 2014

Soleil Tan De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed

Once you have said that 5 times fast lets all just agree that that is one mouth full of a name. I have taken to just calling it the Sunkissed illuminator.

What Chanel Says: Sheer, weightless liquid instantly brightens skin and evens out skin tone.
Light-reflecting pigments provide radiance and luminosity.
Botanical extracts soften, smooth and moisturize. Oil and Fragrance free.

I have become obsessed with illuminators of late! It's probably got something to do with me FINALLY getting my Chanel one back in December and the fact that I cannot wear it err'day you know what I'm saying that shit is expensive (shakes that ghettoness off)!! Every time I come across an affordable everyday high lighter I find myself going home with it and being disappointed because I keep comparing it to the Chanel (yep I'm stock piling) I've been enjoying this product for the past few months and have been holding back on the review, I wanted to use it properly and also I wanted to have my own opinion on it. I've been reading mixed reviews from everyone, people either absolutely love and swear by this product or they hate everything about it.

I am on the LOVE this product bandwagon. Its like summer in a bottle, you know party over here. My conclusion is that this product is perfect for people that already have honey colored skin or somewhat of a tan. Not that ladies with pale skin cannot wear it because if you know how it looks absolutely gorgeous on everyone. I wear it over my foundation around my temple area, on my cheek bones and down the ridge of my nose. Ive found applying it with my finger tips works best for me. Even on its own this product has pretty good staying power. You Just need to be careful because adding to much can make you look shinny and oily.

The Soleil Tan De Chanel range consists of three products. The moisturizing bronzing powder, bronzing makeup base and then the sheer illuminating fluid all part of their summer collection. The fluid is a liquid highlighter, in the bottle its a creamy dark pearl gold color but when blended is a sheer golden sheen (no Edward Cullen sparkle here ladies) It adds a healthy subtle golden tan glow to any area that you put it and works amazingly to highlight the desired area. You only need a drop which is more than enough, its has a light weight silky texture. This comes in a 30ml frosted glass bottle with a black screw on lid with the golden Chanel logo on top, retails for R595.

One of the major issues people have is that this doesn't come with a pump of some kind, it hasn't been an issue for my because when I shake the bottle I just dab my brush in the excess product that's left in the lid which is more than enough product.