Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in 30 Beige

I actually purchased this foundation a little over 3 months ago and have been holding off on the review because after using it a couple of times I actually hated it. See the problem is I have combination skin and I purchased this foundation in Summer. First off the foundation seemed like it was a shade to light for me and second this foundation caused a oily mess come mid day. So I kinda just put it to the back of my drawer and that's were it stayed my expensive but still gorgeous disappointment. Now that Winter is in full swing and my skin has changed and lightened a bit I decided to give the Vitalumiere Aqua another go and I have to say my take on it has changed in every way.

This is a water based foundation so you are going to need to shake it really well every time you use it especially if you haven't used it for a few days to get it to mix well. Because its water based I find that the best way to apply it is with the finger tips, for me it works well because I am able to apply and blend all over better. This foundation comes with a SPF15 which isn't that high but you cannot rely on your foundation solely for sun protection. Its a sheer to medium coverage that is very build-able, my only recommendation with building it is to allow each layer to settle a little before hand.

I do think this is still a oily foundation and wont be good for people with very oily skin. Now that its Winter my skin is a bit on the dryer side so I find having a more moisturizing foundation does help but I do still find it a bit more on the oily side. After applying it and allowing it to settle a little I do still find it sticky and a bit shinny but I have found setting it with a powder really helps it from sliding during the day and to control a bit of that shine. It lasts a good 4 to 5 hours before I start to see oily bits on my forehead and around my nose area but again blotting this with a bit of powder takes this away.

Over all this isn't the best foundation that I own but I find as a Winter foundation it really is nice to add some of the moisture and oil that my skin needs. I purchased this for R550 for a 30ml which is a bit pricey for a foundation but it is a high end brand and not really on the high side compared to allot of the other high end foundations that is out there.

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