Friday, June 6, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Sunday was Tattoo Day

So this past Sunday Gavin, my best friend and I all went for a tattoo (my 7th time). Let me first tell you that the tattoo I ended up getting was not what I planned. My initial inspiration was Katy Perrys bicep tattoo from the Music Video Eye of the Tiger but I wanted my wedding date in Roman numerals. Gavin didn't like the way it looked and there was no way I was gonna get actual numbers on me (come on I'm not planning on going to jail anytime soon but this is just not a hot look for a lady) So we then decided to get a couples tattoo (corny I know but I love it) We went with a script that reads Forever my Always I got it in a more feminine writing and added a little heart for extra love ;-) The original quote is "You will forever be my always" but its customized just for Him and I and I absolutely love the way it turned out. We also both got it on the left bicep because this one has a direct line to the heart. 

Do you have any tattoos or a couples tattoo let me know in the comments section I love looking at other peoples tattoos


  1. I have 10 tattoos!! I did a post where you can see them here: I also have a bicep tattoo, how sore was it as it got closer to the armpet I almost cried!!!!! lol

    1. will check it out right away, the heart was the most painful out of the whole tattoo it actually turned blue but honestly the tattoo on my thigh which i got back in december was the most painful one ive gotten yet

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