Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wishing Wednesday - Acrylic Cosmetic Storage

At the moment my makeup storage consists of all sorts of acrylic jewelry boxes and acrylic organizers all bought from Clicks, which up until now has been perfect for displaying all my makeup. After my honeymoon and last few shopping hauls, I have gotten so many new gorgeous things that I've had to keep in their boxes all stacked on my dressing table because I am just to scared they get damaged. 

Now I've started saving for a cosmetic storage unit I'm not just sitting here crying my eyes out, but literally every time something has come up and I've seen myself using some or all of it (this month I got my cars license renewal argh) So I'm putting this out into the universe and hoping Santa will remember how good well behaved nice that I haven't murdered anyone this year YET that deserves a special present doesn't it? hahahaha

.....sends link to the husband hahaha

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