Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

I just want to take a minute and wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, I hope everyone has an amazing time with all your family and friends. Stay safe and be Merry!

Blendbox Soft Hand Cream & Cuticle Balm

I'm guessing while I am at work slaving away today (and by slaving away I mean catching up on all my blog reading haha) most people must still be sleeping because there are literally crickets chirping on my twitter and Instagram feed (lucky bastards yep I'm hating deal with it) anyway I decided to do a long over due review.

I have come to the realization that I have a slight ok who am I kidding I have a major obsession with my hands. They say the first signs of a woman aging can always be seen in her hands so every time I hear someone raving about good hand products I obsess and immediately need to try them out! One company that I've been hearing allot about on twitter lately is Blendbox they do all natural skin products and have been getting really good reviews so naturally I badly wanted to give them a go as well.

I decided to go with their soft range and I picked up a hand cream and cuticle balm. I have to say I love how much attention is put into Blendbox products the packaging and labels are so gorgeous and the packaging its shipped in is just as adorable. With this hand cream the first thing I was hit with was the scent, at first it reminded me of white chocolate but the more you sniff the more sweets you start smelling marshmallows, chocolate, cupcakes it just changes so much. Ill admit the one thing I didn't like about this cream is the oily residue it leaves behind and because I wear allot of accessories it didn't work out so well so I decided to start using it at night and its now part of my night time routine. It really is a moisturizing hand cream and leaves your hands really soft and the sweet scent is really calming so its perfect for after you shower to lock all that moisture in. I also found that it works really well with the dry skin I have in the pit of my arm and was my savior when I applied it to my sunburn on my shoulders and chest it instantly soothed it and took the sting away. So the fact that it can be used for more than just a hand cream I absolutely love.

The cuticle balm comes in a little tub and I carry it around with me almost every where, it reminded me of bees wax when I first opened it and it has a really strong lemony scent which I absolutely love. Its hard in then tub but immediately melts once it comes into contact with your skin and is really easy to blend. It leaves your cuticles looking a bit oily but makes it look so much healthier and disappears really quickly so its no biggy there.

The cuticle balm was R15,00 and the Hand cream was R55,00 for a 50ml but the sweet Miemie sent me a 100ml. I am dying to try some more of the other ranges, the cupcake one has me lusting over it and I really wanna try the soft range candle. Head over and have a look at their amazing products here, you can also follow them on twitter @blendboxsa

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Ok so I have to admit, this is not only my first body shop camomile product it is also my first body shop purchase *eek! I was looking for a makeup remover that really works on waterproof makeup, I have an issue with sensitive eyes and they water allot so waterproof eyeliner and mascara is the only thing that stays put. So you can understand why I was on the hunt for something that was mild and wouldn't irritate the skin or be harsh if it got in my eyes.

The camomile butter states it is a sumptuous cleansing butter and I am assuming it can be used all over your face but I have taken to using it purely as a makeup remover around my eyes. In the tin it some what looks waxy and vaseline like but once it comes into contact with heat it instantly melts in to a oil past. When you open the really cute metal tin it comes in the very first thing your hit with is the very mild and pleasant camomile sent, I love how this butter smells and that its not over powering. It does leave the skin with a layer of oil some what butter like but that can be wiped away with a wet cloth or I just use my normal face wash afterwards just to remove everything and it comes off really easy. I have to say I am absolutely loving this butter, it instantly melts away any makeup no matter how thick and it leaves the skin feeling really soft, smooth and clean. It hasn't dried or irritate my skin at all, it actually feels more hydrated and soft afterwards. And the bonus is you only need to apply a small amount for it to work so this tin should last me some time.

The lady in the store told me that it would not work on waterproof makeup but I took it any way because I had this feeling that she didnt quite know what she was talking about, and I am glad I did because it melts everything away. This is something I really will be repurchasing in the future. 

I picked this up from the body shop for R140.00

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Wish List Part 3

With Christmas Just a week away (yes lets have a moment to let that sink in) I thought Id put together one last Christmas wish list for those of you still looking for something nice to get yourself or maybe someone special.

I am totes obsessed with skulls so it comes as no surprise that I really like this skull cushion from Mr Price Home. I already got these Neon Pink Chuck Taylors for myself but it was to gorgeous to take off my list just yet. How gorg is this rosy pink nude lipstick from MAC the shade is Snob (fitting dont you think haha) I also really really want a Hello Kitty Build a Bear. Meet this silver British Short hair I NEED this kitty and she will be mine and I will name her Keera!!! I also really want this hello kitty sippy cup cause its so snazzy. Ive been searching high and low for these acrylic makeup storage units but everyone is sold out and I am not paying an arm and a leg for it. How pretty is this Eiffel tower bracelets any accessories will do :-P

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nails of The Day - Ballet Slippers

I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend, to those that worked I really really feel for you! I know I've been MIA this week but December is a really busy time of the year at work for me, I barely have time to wash my hair let alone do my nails but I had a few minutes yesterday so here's my master piece ;-)

I'm on a mission to find the perfect nude nail polish, I seen a colour once on someone that I absolutely adored but I could not get the name of the shade she had on (you know some people will just not share information

Nude some how has the ability to transform your entire hand and make it look so much more elegant. I have Essie Ballet Slippers on here and this has to be one of my favorite nudes so far, you get very good coverage with only two coats and with all Essie polishes the drying time and the lasting power is really good. But its still not the shade I'm looking for, this one has a very white effect to it with a light pink undertone the one I'm looking for has a grey undertone. So my hunt continues ;-)

In Love & Lipgloss 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Wishes Part 2

♥ Tangle Teezer ♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy ♥ Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ♥ Chanel Holiday Blush Accent ♥ I Love Strawberries & Milkshake Bubble Bath ♥ Beauty Blender ♥ China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle ♥ Nails Inc Notting Hill ♥ Essie Pink Parka

In Love & Lipgloss 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nails Inc. Christmas Crackers

I am absolutely freaking loving the Christmas crackers Nails inc. have released for the holidays. Its perfect for that Christmas party with the girls, each cracker contains a full size nail polish bottle as well as a fashion quote. They come in perfectly wrapped sparkly glitter crackers two is silver glitter, two is black glitter and two is a chrome silver pattern with black bows. It really makes me want to throw a Christmas party this year! You can pick the set of 6 crackers up for R385.00 from Red Square 

The polishes you get inside: ♥ Mayfair Mews – navy Fibre Optic polish ♥ 
Baker Street – cobalt blue ♥ Marylebone Lane – red full coverage glitter polish ♥ King’s Road – rose gold Foil effect polish ♥ Kensington High Street - deep wine polish ♥ Trafalgar Crescent – silver Galaxy polish

In Love & Lipgloss 

Nails of The Day - Catrice Cosmetics

About a week or two ago I discovered the new Catrice stand in Dischem (I'm not entirely sure how long its been there but it cant be that long because I go into Dischem allot and Ive only ever seen a few nail polishes, so to me the stand is new haha) I have to say that I am loving this brand they have some amazing eye shadow palettes and really unique and different colour nail polishes. I have a feeling Ill be posting allot more from this brand.

Christmas it one of my favourite holidays and I love getting into the spirit of the festivities, so I like adding allot of sparkle to my nails. I picked up two bottles from Catrice, 37 The Effect maker which is a rosy nude with a pink pearl effect to it and on my ring finger I have 45 Kitch me if you can which is a light pink glitter with fine silver glitter pieces in it. 

This nail polish dries pretty quick and depending on how dark you want it you only need to really add two thin layers, I have two layers on here and also on my ring finger with another two layers of glitter added. I got two full days of wear before I got my first chip but I'm sure it will last much longer (it was weekend and I was shopping lol it was under pressure)

I picked these polishes up for R34.95 each at Dischem, well worth the money!!

In Love & Lipgloss 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Jelly Sandals - Friday Favourite

♥  Soviet R199 ♥  Zoom R149 ♥  Mr Price R69.99  ♥  Zoom R149  ♥  Zoom R149  ♥  Zoom R169

I'm guessing Jelly Sandals are going to come and go as fast as the jelly pumps did (I am not ashamed to say I owned a few in different colours haha) But this is one phase I honestly wish would last just a little longer! I mean seriously how cute are some of them, you can get them almost anywhere now and the colours and styles are so fabulous. Here are some I found online.

Have a Fab Weekend 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Santa

♥  Lush - Twilight Bath Bomb  ♥  Catrice - Nude Eyeshadow Palette  ♥  Balm Balm - Frankincense Cleansing Balm  ♥  Chanel - Sunkissed Illuminator  ♥  Yankee Candle  ♥ Soap & Glory - Flake Away Butter  ♥  Esse - Cream Mask  ♥  Chanel - Reflex Blush  ♥  Hey Gorgeous - Marshmallow Mousse

Dear Santa 

I have been a very good nice well behaved ... agh stuff it on a scale of 1 to 10 I have not murdered or physically harmed anyone so I am pretty sure that is supposed to count for something right RIGHT. So here are my Christmas wishes that I would love to find under my tree or in my Christmas stocking, under my bed hell Ill even take it in a garbage bag haha 

Love Always


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dirty Works Rumpy Plumpy Lip Plumper

Increase your pout to perfect proportions with this hydrating 
gloss lip plumper.

I have become a huge fan of Dirty Works over the last few month's, manly because of their hand cream it is truly amazing and their vintage packaging is so gorgeous.  My only wish would be that we could get more of the amazing range here in South Africa.

With MOISTURISING Jojoba oil to feed thirsty lips with goodness and full bodied sexiness 

Now let me start off with saying I by no means have thin lips in fact they are really full and it's something I really like about them, and getting the "Angelina Jolie" lips was the last thing I wanted (I'm team Aniston hahaha) but I wanted to see if it actually works.

With a proven lip plumper active to give your pout that extra
VA VA Voom! Can be applied over lipstick for a perfect cat
walk gloss finish.

I picked up the Dirty Works Rumpy Plumpy lip plumber at Clicks for R59-95. Its chocolate & orange flavoured and although it smells really nice and sweet it doesn't taste like anything. After about a minute or so of applying it my lips started tingling and I experienced a slight burn, after using it a few times it did ease up a bit but it does still tingle when applied. I could see a slight bee sting effect which at first made me feel like my lips were swollen but it fades away really quickly, they say it's supposed to last an hour but it lasted on me about 20 minutes. The only really noticeable thing I could see was it made my lips red but to me when I looked in the mirror it looked like my lips were sensitive and having a reaction to something I ate or used. It does give a good shine and can be added over lipstick with the same effects although I have never tried this.

Does it work? I'm not sure to be honest I did take before and after pics (which were loaded and removed hahaha I couldn't look at my lips online!) and the only difference I could noticeably see was the redness. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

In Love & Lipgloss 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nails of The Day - Manicure

IT IS OFFICIALLY DECEMBER.... Christmas is right around the corner!! It is one of my favourite times of the year, there is nothing better than spending time with the family and lets be honest the food is always AMAZING!! So getting into the spirit of things I decided to add a little sparkle to my nails in a subtle way. I have on Essie 199 Silver bullions and over that Essie 768 Cocktail bling which has become one of my go to colours of late. Silver bullions is really glittery in the bottle but it does take a few layers to completely hide your nail. Essies drying time is always good and I get 3 to 4 days chip free wear out of them which is really good for me as I work with my hands allot during the day!

In Love & Lipgloss