Friday, January 31, 2014

Favourites Friday - The Bubble Tea Company

So the lovely Chantal from Channi Chic and I met up for what was supposed to be a girls coffee but that never happened (not cool) so instead we decided to go for our first ever bubble tea experience. I initially went know exactly what combination I wanted (rooibos tea, caramel & chocolate balls) but they were out of chocolate so I had to settle for something else.

What is bubble tea? You start with a choice of 4 teas as a base then you can either get it in the form of a fruity ice tea or a non-dairy milkshake tea. The unique and best part then is the toppings you can add different flavored popping bobas which is little fruit juice balls covered with sodium alginate and calcium loctose (which is basically seaweed) these balls burst in your mouth releasing a burst of flavors or you could go with tapioca pearls that is more chewy. I went with Ceylon black tea, watermelon and yogurt bobas, and although I chocked on two balls after swallowing them whole my first initial experience was some what like having large caviar balls in my mouth but with a way better after taste. At first I wasn't sure if i was quite sold on the whole thing but after finishing it I have to say I quite like the feeling of balls in my mouth hahaha You don't really taste the tea that much and my watermelon tasted more like a watered down strawberry steri stumpie to be honest but the burst of flavor from my balls more than made up for it it's the perfect balance of sweet and sour from the yogurt. I have to say I am sold on the whole bubble tea experience I need to taste the rest of the combinations now! 

Channi is truly the best she was even willing to knowingly stalk and individual with me hahaha but that's a story for a whole different post ;-) 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Window Shopper - Mint & Rose Gold

A combination of all my favourite things rose gold, animal prints, accessories, diamonds and mint all rolled into one outfit. All available from the Style 36 website. 

♥ Forever New Louise Embroidered Yoke Tank R299 ♥ Goddess Animal Print Heart Necklace R169
♥ Chelsea Doll Snip Snip Scissors Double Ring R149 ♥ Blackcherry Baroque Clutch in Gold R349
♥ G Couture Bootleg Jeans in White R399 ♥ Zoom Yanira Embellished Sandals R249

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gorgeous Accessories From Romeo Foxtrot Designs

I absolutely adore accessories!! I have a small to medium collection but if you asked my husband he would probably describe it as large to obsessive (men can be so dramatic) when ever I go to a shopping centre I can't stop myself from coming home with earrings or rings and bracelets are my down fall!! Any how I discovered this gorgeous range of jewellery by a Cape Town designer a few weeks ago and have been eyeing a few pieces ever since! Now just imagine how excited I was to see one of their pieces in our goodie bags! Just have a look at some of their amazing pieces here prices range from R65 to R250

The anchor bracelet is R150 - R100 depending on the metal you take.
Are they not the prettiest? I need all of them :-D

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Burst Studio FD05 Stippling Brush

When I opened my goodie bag from the #CPTBloggerMeet there was a hand full of things that jumped out at me and made my heart skip a tiny beat and this amazing brush was one of them. What makes me even happier is hearing and seeing how much everyone else loves it to, I feel like less of a psycho obsessing over a makeup brush. I'll admit I haven't heard of Burst Studio brushes before so I had to do a little googling (after rubbing the brush all over my face first cause it is ssooo soft)

This stippling brush is part of their synthetic range but their other brushes are made of goat and Siberian squirrel hair. The brush has a solid heavy wooden handle which just feels perfect in your hand. The brush is full and thick and applying BB cream is a dream! I apply it in a circular motion for a very light flawless application and it's amazing. The brush doesn't soak up any product, in fact I went from applying my BB cream to applying blush and highlighter effortlessly.

They also offer makeup training courses and bridal makeup services. Unfortunately Capetonians they are based in Midrand but they do have a online store and offer a full range of makeup brushes and sets. This brush retails for R270,00 and is a bit pricey but in my opinion is worth every bit of that, now for me to get my hands on some more brushes and then my life with be complete...for now...hahaha

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nails of The Day - Sinful 113 Dream On

Dream on is one of the prettiest colours I own, I first discovered it in a cheap R5 polish a couple of years ago. They only had a small amount of bottles so I bought a few and then couldn't find the exact shade again. I loved it so much that it was the only colour I wore on my toes for an entire spring and summer hahaha So imagine how happy I was when I discovered the shade although a little darker in the Sinful colours range. 

Dream on is part of the neon range, its a real barbie purple that has really intense colour. Its a combination of a dark pink and purple mix which I personally feel every girl NEEDS to own. Because of it being neon it drys matte so absolutely needs a top coat. What I love about this polish is by the time I finish painting my second hand the first is dry which is always good. I picked this one up at Clicks for R27.99. I adore this colour for my toes but I must say I don't know how well I am liking it for my fingers.

Michael Kors Sporty Range

Michael Kors has identified three attitudes that make up most women - Sporty, Sexy and Glam and has created the most gorgeous range of make-up and fragrances to match those moods. Does this sound interesting to you? It did to me and of the three moods the sporty is the most gorgeous to me. I absolutely adore natural shades and have fallen in love with this range. 

The fragrance notes are the equivalent of luscious nudes, a hallmark colour of a MK look, it is made up of crisp bursts of orange and mandarin, with warm woods and white floral’s lingering in the background. Sporty Citrus speaks to a natural and confidant women who pulls herself together with polished ease and always has fun doing it.

All fragrances retail for: R630 for a 30ml, R855 for a 50ml and R1130 for a 100ml

Sporty Lip Lacquer in Diva R275, Sporty Lip Luster in Muse R275, Sporty Bronze 
Powder in Glow R550,  Sporty Nail Lacquer in Hint R215, Sporty Nail Lacquer in Gossip R215

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cape Town Blogger Meetup

This past weekend Cape Town seen the first ever blogger meetup happen. I was so excited when I found out that it would be happening and when I paid for my ticket I immediately started counting down the days (bare in mind we found out about this two months ago so it felt like a 100 years before it got here) This was my first ever meet up because my blog is still some what of a newbie and I was so nervous to meet everyone (here is a list of all the lovely ladies that attended), but I met the most amazing bunch of ladies and am so thankful to have so many new friends. I cannot wait for the next one to happen!!

The meet was held at the most amazing little cafe called Shelleys Gourmet Cafe on Kloof street in Gardens. I don't even know how to describe this place so ill add as much pics as possible. All i can say is that it is the most amazing place to have tea and the food is amazing!! And I half expected the mad hatter and the white rabbit to jump out shouting "we are all a little mad here" and "ts always tea time" hahaha the place just seems so unreal and whimsical the perfect balance of nutty and chic! A real life wonderland!!

Lauren did the most amazing job planning and organizing everything and I don't think anyone else could have done a better job. She got the most amazing sponsors on board. The goody bags out did every expectation I had and we could barely carry what we were given with out a little help!

Guest speakers:

Ladies getting Rain Africa Massages: 

Displays and Treats:


I wont two of the Optiphi competitions:

Patiently counting down till the next one!!

Stalker Alert - Bronzed Babe

♥ Chanel Tweed blush brun rose ♥ OFRA baked babyblush bronzer ♥ Stila sweet treat bronzer ♥ MAC RiRi Lustre Drops ♥ The Body Shop body glow bronzer ♥ Physicians formula happy booster bronzer ♥ Inglot multi colour bronzing powder ♥

I swear I'm all about the blush and bronzer lately, I've gone from not seeing the need in wearing them to needing to have them all. These are a few of them that are on my stalker vibe lately, I will find them and make them all MINE! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Window Shopper - Summer OOTD

Happy hump day errbody!! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and if not remember its almost FRIDAY so please keep smiling! So last year I did a few window shopping posts and really enjoyed it so I decided to make it into a permanent series here. What I will do is either a full outfit or complete face makeup, room design what ever I find really catches my eye really. This will all come from a certain site or store with full descriptions and prices if you are interested in getting it. So here is my first OOTD which all comes from Mr Price. I absolutely love animal prints and accessories of late so this is an exact outfit that I would wear.

  1.  Plate T Bar Sandal R99.99  2. White Crew Neck R35.99  3. Animal Print Scarf R59.99   
4. Metal Aviator R49.99  5. Infinity Multi Band Ring R25.99  6. Hoops Multi Pack R29.99
7. Cheeky Shorts R79.99  8. Cross Bangle R19.99

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 000 Pages Views - THANK YOU!

I cant believe I've hit 10 000 page views already! I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for reading and commenting, I love hearing what you have to say and getting to know everyone. As a thank you I will be hosting a small give away in the next week or two so please watch this space.

Monday, January 20, 2014

MAC Nymphette Tinted Lipgloss

I was on the hunt for a bronzed/sun kissed lipgloss or lipstick and got some amazing recommendations and like everything I look for I turned to Pinterest and came across this amazing picture of MAC's Nymphette lipgloss. Nymphette is part of MAC's permanent range of lipgloss and has been around for quite some time but I have never bought their lipgloss and will admit to never hearing about it. I swear with in a hour of seeing the picture I rushed down to the MAC counter to try it out and I walked out with my first MAC lipgloss! Best decision I've ever made because I am in love with this gloss!!

Nymphette is described as a rosy-gold tinted lipgloss, it's a coral rosy pink with very prominent superfine flecks of gold metallic shimmer from some angles it almost looks purely gold. It is a sticky gloss and I was a bit hesitant in trying it but it isn't nearly as sticky as everyone describes it (I mean if your gonna walk with your hair down in the wind, any lipgloss no matter how sticky it is it will stick to your face!)  The thing about the thick sticky formula is that's what gives it the staying power and I have to say MAC lipgloss has amazing staying power which I was not expecting. It has a strong vanilla scent which makes it such a pleasure to apply. The only fault I can find in this lipgloss is the size of the tube and brush. This is my first MAC lipgloss so I am not entirely sure but I can only assume that it would be a bit difficult to get the product out once it starts finishing. Also for the amount your paying it is a very little tube but I instantly fell in love with this gloss so I got over that pretty quickly ;-) because it's a gorgeous colour and I am surprised at how moisturizing it is for a lipgloss.

This imagine was taken off pinterest its what made me instantly fall in love but I would 
like to point out that she is wearing either a lipliner of lipstick under it as it is not as outstanding.

On my tanned skin tone I found this to be an amazing colour and it gives the perfect sun kissed glow I was looking for but for most the colour pay off isn't very great but in its defense it is a tinted lipgloss so I wasn't expecting it to have in your face popping colour but I do wish the colour was just a little more prominent. 

Retails for R175,00 would I purchase again definitely!! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Feel Good Friday

I think everyone needs a little Chanel in their lives, my mission for the year increasing my collection :-)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chanel Limited Edition Joues Contrasted Powder Blush in Accent #84

When someone mentions the word Limited edition or for a short period only my OCD and FOMO kicks in and no matter how much I know I don't want something my brain tells me that I need it and I would be living a sad and miserable existence if I didn't own it and make it MINE! Step in anything EVER made by the house of Chanel!! 

Chanel's 2013 holiday collection brought us yet another amazing collection of items, but two things that stood out the most to me was the Joues Contrasted Powder Blush in Accent and the Ombres Matelassées eyeshadow palette. And although the eyeshadow palette is amazing and the fact that I don't own it has made me die a little inside I know I don't wear enough eyeshadow to justify the almost R700 price tag and have restrained myself from purchasing it (gasps and holds breath every time I pass it in the window at Chanel *dies a little more inside)

The blush has been described as a luminous soft pink beige none which I have found very accurate. The first time I seen it in person I was put off immediately and there was no way I was gonna buy it because it looked really really brown with heavy gold shimmer but I decided to try it out anyway and I instantly fell in love. If I were to be asked to describe the colour my best version would be a dusty rose brown with a light gold glow more than a shimmer. When I say glow I mean it gives more of a gold high light than a shimmery glittery effect and if not blended properly it does highlight the pores somewhat. The powder itself is really soft and the brush picks it up really easily. It applies to the cheeks really well and it's really build able depending on what look your going for. I absolutely love this blush to give that perfect sun kissed bronzed look and I find that you don't need bronzer when using it because it gives more than enough depth.


Like the rest of their cream and powder blushes in comes in a square glossy black compact with a big mirror on the inside of the lid and the white Chanel logo on the outside. The compact itself comes in a velvet pouch that I adore because my Chanel collection is my babies and they need to be protected!! It also comes with a little brush that is pretty useless but who uses them anyway? I love the minimal but very sophisticated look that all Chanel products carry!

The blush retailers for R485 and definitely has a very high price tag but Chanel is a high end brand and has amazing quality so I would expect to pay any less.