Monday, January 13, 2014

Dove Colour Radiance Range

Let me start off with saying, I have tried Dove shampoos and they have not worked for me at all so I kinda wrote their hair care range off completely as useless and wished they just stuck to body care. Then a couple of weeks ago I was sent the complete new range by Dove called Colour Radiance which is designed to maintain and make your dye job last longer. I'll admit that I went in with absolutely no expectations at all I figured that they would be like all the others, BOY WAS I WRONG!

One of the biggest things that stand out about this range is the scent, even with all the bottles being sealed with tape the very first thing I was hit with when opening the packaging it was shipped in was the strong sweet and fruity smell. I am totally obsessed with it, all of them have the same scent but the leave in conditioning & care spray is one of the products that has the strongest scent that last the longest in and I'm glad because it's the one product that I don't think I'll stop using anytime soon.

The range consists of 5 products. The normal everyday shampoo & conditioner, the daily treatment conditioner, the deep repair treatment mask and the leave-in conditioning & care spray. All of these products have the normally shampoo and conditioner creamy texture and consistency. With all of them you only need a very little product and what I loved the most is that they rinse out very easily. You aren't left with any of that product feel or buildup. The other thing I noticed is that my hair would stay cleaner for a extra day and I don't get that bump from my hair being tied up and it's much tamer and doesn't need as much styling to get it under control. The conditioners you alternate and don't use them all at once, so you definitely get all the treatment and conditioning needed. I'll admit that I don't see a real big difference in the lasting power of my dye job though (I dyed my hair immediately when I started using this range to test the theory out) I kind feel it took about the same amount of time for it to fade and start growing out.

The best product by far in this entire range has been the spray in conditioner, which is meant to condition your hair both before and after heat styling but also to add some conditioning back in days after your wash. I wash my hair and dry it and then I spray it in just before styling it with my GHD and it has been amazing.

Prices: Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml R42.99 400ml 62.99, Treatment 180ml R69.99, Mask 200ml R69.99 and Care Spray 200ml R69.99 (this was the price the last time I checked online but all stores vary, I managed to pick up a 400ml shampoo & conditioner and the leave in spray for R99.95 at Clicks at their last sale it ran any 3 dove products for R99)

This is a really amazing range that I have purchased again and I don't think Ill stop using anytime soon it really does do a very good job for dyed hair


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  1. Great post. I would definitely give them a try now. And you have the most beautiful eyes!!!


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