Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chanel Limited Edition Joues Contrasted Powder Blush in Accent #84

When someone mentions the word Limited edition or for a short period only my OCD and FOMO kicks in and no matter how much I know I don't want something my brain tells me that I need it and I would be living a sad and miserable existence if I didn't own it and make it MINE! Step in anything EVER made by the house of Chanel!! 

Chanel's 2013 holiday collection brought us yet another amazing collection of items, but two things that stood out the most to me was the Joues Contrasted Powder Blush in Accent and the Ombres Matelassées eyeshadow palette. And although the eyeshadow palette is amazing and the fact that I don't own it has made me die a little inside I know I don't wear enough eyeshadow to justify the almost R700 price tag and have restrained myself from purchasing it (gasps and holds breath every time I pass it in the window at Chanel *dies a little more inside)

The blush has been described as a luminous soft pink beige none which I have found very accurate. The first time I seen it in person I was put off immediately and there was no way I was gonna buy it because it looked really really brown with heavy gold shimmer but I decided to try it out anyway and I instantly fell in love. If I were to be asked to describe the colour my best version would be a dusty rose brown with a light gold glow more than a shimmer. When I say glow I mean it gives more of a gold high light than a shimmery glittery effect and if not blended properly it does highlight the pores somewhat. The powder itself is really soft and the brush picks it up really easily. It applies to the cheeks really well and it's really build able depending on what look your going for. I absolutely love this blush to give that perfect sun kissed bronzed look and I find that you don't need bronzer when using it because it gives more than enough depth.


Like the rest of their cream and powder blushes in comes in a square glossy black compact with a big mirror on the inside of the lid and the white Chanel logo on the outside. The compact itself comes in a velvet pouch that I adore because my Chanel collection is my babies and they need to be protected!! It also comes with a little brush that is pretty useless but who uses them anyway? I love the minimal but very sophisticated look that all Chanel products carry!

The blush retailers for R485 and definitely has a very high price tag but Chanel is a high end brand and has amazing quality so I would expect to pay any less.

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