Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub

I have real teenybopper skin! Which actually sucks balls because if I wash my face with anything in a day or twos time I look like a zit monster attached my face and left traces of his love making behind.  I basically could only use hot water and cream to removed makeup. Which was ok at first but the more you rub you actually start to damage your skin and under my eyes would burn like a mother. And sleeping with makeup on no matter how little is not only unhealthy but it speeds up the aging process of the skin (or so I've heard)

Me being slightly obsessed with Dirty Works products (you can read my review on the hand cream here and the lip plumper here)  jumped at the opportunity to try out their face wash the minute it was unpacked at Clicks.

 Let the magic get to work to help perfect the texture of your skin and leave it 
extraordinarily smooth. The top beauty treat for skin radiance. 

The scrub is a lightweight cream with small non-abrasive jojoba beads which is really exfoliating on the skin, I apply it to my entire face and neck area after I've rinsed it with warm water and it rinses off really well. You only need a small amount of product and you can instantly feel it working the minute its applied, I rub it on in a circular motion concentrating on the areas I'm most prone to break outs (around my nose, chin and fore head) It has a gorgeous fruity scent with a hint of menthol which becomes more apparent once applied. It has a intense cooling effect on the skin which sort of feels like you have tooth paste all over your face. This face wash is perfect to wake you up in the morning and it leaves the skin feeling soft, refreshed and moisturized (your aren't left with that tight feeling) My skin is much more clearer and it feels more even toned, glowing and radiant.

It really does do everything it promises, however I don't think it would work very well for sensitive skin as the menthol is quite strong at first. I picked this up at Clicks for R64.95 and it is worth every cent. Dirty Works really has a winner here and I don't plan on changing anytime soon. 

Have a fab day, keep smiling 


  1. That sounds great! Is it an everyday face wash, or a couple times a week scrub?

  2. I just bought this, didn't plan on getting it, it looks nice so I picked it up.
    Glad I.came across your review.
    Can't wait to use it


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