Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dirty Works Hand Cream

OKAY sssooo I was tweevesdropping the other day (can't look face) and... Wait let me start off with saying that I have always thought I had nice nails until I started following Michelle from Ordinary Misfit on Instagram (thanks Michelle) her nails always look amazing and I have no clue how she has the time or talent to pull off some of the styles. She was going on about this hand cream that she uses to make her cuticles look so amazing, so naturally I had to immediately go out and find it hahaha

Dirty Works is a UK brand that THANKFULLY we don't have to search high and low for or spend fortunes buying it online!! Its available in SA at all Clicks stores :-) 

If something is cute, pink, sparkly, has skulls or anything to do with Marilyn Monroe or cupcakes on it, chances are I will buy it just to own it. So when I seen this range and its packaging the first thing that came to mind was a 50's diner vibe (you know girls in high waisted shorts rolling around on roller skates with milkshakes on a tray with perfectly curled hair pined to the side) and I instantly fell in love with just the way they all look!!

What they promise: You soft touch hand cream. All you need for silky soft hands! With moisturizing cocoa butter and jojoba oil it's sure to leave your hands feeling super-silky and non-greasy!

The Good: This hand cream is amazing! Hands down haha no pun intended!! You only need a small amount and it soaks into your hands really quickly so you aren't left with any oiliness. Its super moisturizing and from the first use my cuticles softened and I could no longer see any skin flyaways that you sometimes get from pushing your cuticles back (I know I probably shouldn't be doing that but I do out of habit

The Bad: The only real bad thing I have to say about this hand cream is that it doesn't have the best smell in the world, I seriously cant quite put my finger on the exact smell because it disappears so fast. But I can say it reminds me some what of a sterile chemist smell something to do with medicine. I know that doesn't sound good but like I said the scent goes away so fast that this doesn't even bother me.

Final Thoughts: This is really an amazing everyday lotion, I carry mine around with me everywhere ever since I bought it. They are also so affordable that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have one at home, work, in my car and in every bag really soon lol 

I bought this at Clicks for R29.95 for a 100ml definitely a bargain buy!

In Love & Lipgloss 

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  1. Love this post. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so glad you love DirtyWorks. I am absolutely in love. My favourite hand cream by far!


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