Thursday, November 21, 2013

Inglot Freedem System Blush #40

Inglot's freedom system is designed for you to have the "freedom" and choice of building your own palette of colours and textures. There are a number of pallets ranging from 1 to 10 in a palette, I believe there are much larger palettes available as well. Each which have a really nice design. The palettes are square and come in matte black with a frosty clear lid covered with Inglot written multiple times across it. The lid and what ever product you chose to put inside them is held down by magnets making it easy to just slid the lid to the side or to pop different shades in and out of the palette.

The blush I picked up is shade #40 and is a peach shade with a gold shimmer. It reminded me of the Chanel Reflex #82 but for less than half the price so I had to take it cause the Chanel is on my lust list and it's the closest I'm going to get to it for now!

In the palette the blush looks very dark a combination of peach and brown with a gold shimmer which is very visible, but when you apply it it's a very warm peachy shade and the shimmer isn't over powering at all. The blush is very pigmented and you really need to be careful with the amount you apply because you can go from looking nice and warm toned to dirty with way to much make up on. Like most Inglot blushes it stains you cheek and looks very natural when applied correctly. The staying power of this blush is fantastic, without BB cream or any other makeup I needed to apply it twice through out the day which is very good considering it was applied directly to the skin. The blush I picked up for R129 and the palette for R70, so once it's finished I only need to purchase a blush again and not a palette 

In Love & Lipgloss 

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