Monday, November 18, 2013

Nails of The Day - Manicure Monday

A few months ago I came across this picture on Pinterest and instantly became obsessed with finding this exact shade its what I would call "Barbie" pink (if anyone actually knows what this polish is called PLEASE do tell me so I can put my sanity to rest). I know it's probably the lighting in the picture but every pink I get (I have to many to mention) just isn't the RIGHT shade! The diamonds are a bit big for me in this picture so I always opt to go for a nail glitter instead!

Here is another shade of pink for me to cross off my list. Sinful colours shade #920, I could not find any name just a number. On my ring finger I have nail glitter that I've just applied with clear nailpolish and a quick drying top coat. I have to say this polish really disappointed me. I applied it with a base coat two coats of this polish and a top coat and it still only gave me half a days wear before they ALL started chipping. The polish has a matte finish wen drying but a top coat makes it instantly glossy. Its more of a neon pink and much brighter than the pictures but still a very outstanding colour.

I picked this up from Clicks for R27,95, will I be purchasing again? Probably Not

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  1. The colour is called 24/7
    It's on your label underneath the bottle.
    It looks gorgeous though! I absolutely love what you did. I will have to copy you one day :P
    I would recommend giving it another try to test wear. Sometimes we have days where we just bump our hands like crazy without even realising or we spend a lot of time on the tips of our fingers (like typing) and all of that will affect wear. So you might've just had a 'rough" day.
    Also, would love to know what base and topcoat you use?

    1. Oooohhh is that the name MY BAD! I got so excited cause I thought you knew the name of the top colour haha
      I used Yardley top coat which normally does me good and I love this top coat
      Im currently testing out planet nails base coat dont know if these are any good?
      You copy me omg I think my heart just skipped a beat :-P
      Ive given the polish two goes and same result but ill keep using it and see



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