Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Product Alert | Benefit Cosmetics Coming Back To South Africa

Remember that time you could walk into a Woolworths store and you could easily find Benefit Cosmetics available and ready to purchase?? YEAH I DONT EITHER but I am told that this was a glorious time! That was of course until the day it was announced that they were pulling the line out of stores and completely out of South Africa. Hordes of ladies stocked up on some of their most loved items because people just weren't sure if it was coming back or not. Well it has been announced on their facebook page Benefit Cosmetics South Africa that the line is in fact coming back!!

There isn't much information other than the fact that it will be coming back soon. For the when where and how you can sign up and be the first to know of the launch on their facebook page. I am so excited because it means no more importing and heavy postage and custom costs (that is of course if you don't have a makeup mule) I am just hoping we will be up to date and have all the new products as well. Head on over and sign up so you can be the first to know!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Product Alert | Real Techniques Have Landed

YES ITS TRUE REAL TECHNIQUE BRUSHES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA, and by available I mean you can actually walk into a store and hold them in your hand before you decided to buy and no expensive courier charges which means you can buy more brushes! It is now available at selected Foschinin stores and although they don't have the complete range they do have some goodies. Some stores have already completely sold out, the only down fall is they are double the price that you would pay in the States but with import fees and the climbing rate of the dollar to rand its understandable and for me ok because you don't have to wait months for it to arrive, also compared to allot of online places they are priced really well. If you do however have a makeup mule then I would say still get it in the States but think about it wouldn't you rather get something else in its place that isn't available here now. I just hope this is going to become a permanent range so that we can get it when ever we want. If not then I would recommend you go out and get as much as you can before they are all gone.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April | Test Box (Part 2)

I can't believe that we are well into April already, I feel like I blinked and missed March I was so busy. I am trying to catch up on some blogging and thought I would start with the April Test Box. In March the Test box was launched and their first box was the first of a two part box (if you missed it you can read about it here), the first box contained a Joico K-Pak Shampoo and Conditioner and a wide toothed double dipped detangling comb. 

Like I said in my previous post this was the first time I had used the Joico range and the fact that I had just dyed my hair not long after made me even more thankful for it. Part two not only gave us the sister double dip detangling comb which I absolutely loved. It also completed the Joico K-Pak range adding the deep penetrating reconstructor and intense hydrator treatment to the shampoo and conditioner.  Now that I have the whole range and can follow a step by step system I will test them all out and give a full review. Until then you can head on over to the Test Box website here and grab your own April test box or you can purchase the Joico range directly and treat yourself and your hair.

Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor 100ml - R230,00 A powerful five minute reconstructor that rebuilds and strengthens stressed, physically and or chemically treated hair.

Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator 100ml - R195,00 A three to five minute treatment that replenishes moisture and lipids to overly dry and damaged hair. This hydrating formula has a pH of 3.5 to seal the cuticle, creating a polished surface, Contains Shea Butter for increased elasticity and body.

Double Dip Basin Comb - R45,00 this is the sister comb to the amazing double dip comb that was in the March Test Box.