Monday, September 30, 2013

September Beauty Products

Here are all the beauty products I bought during September, I was good this month haha

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Mr Price Online Store

1. Elongated Cross Ring (R25.99) 2. Flower Facet Gem Studs (R25.99) 3. Engraved Leaf Double Ring (R25.99) 4. Diamante Flower Studs (R29.99) 5. Large Cross Studs (R39.99) 6. Peace Sign Pendant (R25.99) 7. Flower Double Ring (R29.99) 8. Aztec Bangle Pack (R49.99) 9. Chunky Bead Chain Strand (R29.99)

Mr Price always has such nice accessories, here are some of their stuff from their online store that I am totally loving! 

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Manicure Monday

This is shade 03 from the Nude Glam collection, its an amazing colour that really does ad glam to your nails even on its own! Two coats is more than enough but I noticed the more layers you add the more intense the nude gets, I end up adding up to four layers. I am absolutely in love with this colour.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

My Girl Crush

I have a little girl crush on Selena Gomez at the moment, the girl has amazing style and who ever is doing here hair and makeup is doing an amazing job. She never disappoints on the red carpet, my favorite look has to be at the MTV VMA awards 2013 the girl was on fire! She has the most amazing hair and its like the chick has never suffered a bad hair day in her life! Her makeup is always done to perfection and Ive pulled so many looks from her. Heres to hoping she never pulls a Miley on us, cant wait to see what she comes out in next!

          MTV VMA's 2013                                  2013 Teen Choice Awards

Billboard Music Awards 2013                     Hotel Transylvania Launch 


     MTV Music Awards                         Typical Day in the Life of a Star 

   Award Show                                           Award Show

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Friday Favorites

I've literally done my nails a different colour every day this week, so I decided to do a post of some of my favorite nails products of this week.

1. Essence Nude Glam Cotton Candy (R19-95) - This is a really nice nude really does make my nails look more glamorous.
2. Yardley Treatment Quick Dry Top Coat (R59-95)  - This is the best quick dry top coat I have ever tried.
3. White Rhinestones (R49-95) - Ive used these little stones almost every day this week very nice when you want a extra pop of bling.
4. Essence Nail Corrector Pen (R34-95) - I love this pen because it doesnt look or smell like nail polish remover so I can do touch ups at work and no one has any clue as to what im doing hahaha
5. Cuticle Remover (R29-95) - Ive tried a few cuticle removers before and this one is the most comfortable and easy to use one for me 
6. La Professional Nail Polish Remover Bottle (R25-00) - Ive done a post on this but I mess so much nail polish remover that this has become my best friend hahaha

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

This sounds like another amazing product that South Africa will probably never see along with the amazing baby lips!

What Ive read - Apparently Maybelline Japan has released this product a couple of months ago but it has not yet hit the US or UK shores, and if you like me live in South Africa don't hold your breath for it to hit our shores anytime soon! (we will have to admire it on our screens with tears in our eyes)

What Maybelline has to say - Instantly refine pores, Gel texture, instantly vanish pores, Create matte finishing, Contains oil-absorbing ingredients, Avoids shines on skin, Smooth skin, Contains watery soft ingredient to soften skin, Protect skin, Fragrance free formula and anti-oxidizing cherry extract help to protect skin.

What other bloggers had to say - This is a clear silicone based gel primer, it can be worn alone or under you makeup. It goes on really smooth and blends out really easily. I prefer this -consistency as opposed to the benefit Professional primer as it slides on a lot easier without having to flake off. It’s not sticky at all and has absolutely no fragrance. I apply the product with either a foundation brush or my finger tips, mainly to my T-zone and my cheeks after I've finished applying my bb cream / tinted moisturizer and concealer to get a flawless finish. I do love the product as a finishing gel, it keeps my skin looking matte for most of the day. The blurring of the pores looks really natural and there are no visible streaks of the product after blending in.  Personally, I find that this product doesn't show too much of its effects if used under makeup, but does provide a smooth canvas nonetheless. The best way to use this product is using it on top of makeup, it really creates a flawless finish to your makeup and in a way can act like a dupe for the Laura Mercier Secret Finish. I do prefer this over my benefit professional - the results are more obvious and slightly more long lasting. I do have to take this out of my bag sometimes depending on the weather for the day and for touching up if there's a dinner/ important errand to run for the day.

Should you have extremely oily skin, I'm not too sure that this product will last long, you would probably have to reapply during the day as I find that my T zone starts to get a little shiny mid day due to the weather despite having Normal- combination skin. So I do wish that the product would have had more lasting power in terms of controlling the oil.

Recommended for
- Anyone looking for a good primer
- normal - oily skin ; to help semi - mattify your look
- Anyone who wants to have a natural airbrushed look to their makeup

Would I repurchase?
Yes! For the price, this product is such a steal, a perfect product to keep in my bag to touch up whilst being on the go.

This was taken off an Asian blog - Samantha-Ashley's blog

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I hate nail polish remover bottles!

They make no sense to me at all. Why is the top of the bottle so wide? How much nail polish remover do they expect you to be poring at once? I am willing to stake my entire Chanel makeup collection on the fact that it was designed by a MAN!! (you know were more is always better or something to that effect)

I almost always smudge one of my nails when I am almost finished painting the last one! Then I need to take a little ball of cotton wool and dab just a tiny bit of nail polish remover on it so that I can take JUST THE ONE off. I slant the bottle over really really slowly just to get the tip of the cotton ball wet, and as its about to hit the cotton wool its like a tsunami erupts inside the bottle and half of the remover ends up all over the rest of my nails down my arm and over half of my leg!!! I CAN SERIOUSLY NOT BE THE ONLY PERSON!!

The other problem I find is the lid never quite closes right, ill always end up knocking the bottle all over the table or it evaporates in the cupboard from standing! When ever Id go have acrylic nails put on they always had these nifty little bottles for the acetone and acrylic wipes and stuff, and I was convinced that I could get one like that as well. So I went online and tracked this bottle down, its literally one of the best things I own. My nail polish remover lasts so much longer, you just roll the cotton ball place it in the holder press the pump down a few times with two fingers and the cotton ball soaks up the remover NO MORE MESS.

I got this bottle at Planet Nails if I remember correctly for R25

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dior Show Iconic Overcurl Review

I received this snazzy little mascara sample from the Dior counter the other day, its honestly one of the best samples I've received. Its literally almost the size of a normal mascara so I couldn't believe it was only a sample lol It has the exact same design as the full sized one its just a tiny mascara like a minion version hahaha 

The full sized one as well as the sample had a curved brush which made it really easy to apply the mascara in the corners and the bottom lashes (I always seem to mess I seriously need to get me a mascara guard) It has a sleek mirror silver bottle with the signature Dior writing all over it. It didnt clump my lashes and separated pretty well.

Its a very black mascara, one coat gives a very natural look but as mentioned before I am all about the drama and for review purposes I wanted to wear it how I normally wear my mascara. I was a bit hesitant about the over curl as I hate my lashes curled so I went in with out a eyelash curler. To my surprise there wasn't much curl at all, pretty much looked like all the other mascara in that department. It does give allot of length and volume though which I loved. I wore it a good few hours with out any touch ups and it didn't flake or smear at all.  It isn't very waterproof though as while I was cleaning the little that I messed even after allowing it to dry it did smudge it a bit then but otherwise no actually smudging from wearing it. But I do not think this will be a good mascara for those hot sweaty summer days.

10 AM                                        9 PM   

Over all this was a very nice mascara it didn't wow me but it did last and give the impact that I was looking for. This one retails for R390 and can be bought at the Dior counter 

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Wishing Wednesday

Lego Chanel Purse

Ever since seeing Kim Kardashian strutting down Hollywood boulevard with her gorgeous pregnant belly and outstanding little red Lego purse and Kris Jenner posing next to Karl Lagerfeld with her impeccable style and mouth watering black and white Lego purse I have lusted after this one of a kind bag. And I'll admit when I seen all the fabulous colour combinations and massive $8000 price tag, I died a little inside just knowing I will never own my own. But hey a girl can dream right! I could walk down the street and pick one up right!! RIGHT!!!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rimmel Extra Super Lash, Lash Building Mascara Review

I am on the hunt for the perfect mascara! I have tried some of the top brands now as well as some of the lower end more affordable ones and can honestly say I have not found it yet! Many mascara's I've tried out at first I always think wow this could be The One but when compared to the rest they never measure up or never do what they promise!

A few months ago I purchased Rimmel London's Extra Super Lash, lash building mascara in black black. This mascara promises to build natural to dramatic looking lashes, with super lash separation. It's suitable for sensitive eyes and says its ophthalmogically tested (I'll be honest I have no clue what that means hahaha) what I can say is that this mascara does work. One coat allows for a very natural looking lash, but if you like me like drama when it comes to your eyes then I would recommend 2 layers. I usually went for 2 to 3 coats. I found that separating my lashes was a bit tricky but once you got the first layer separated and dried the 2nd and 3rd went on pretty well! For me this mascara did not clump at all and stayed on all day, I did not experience any of that irritating flakes after wearing it for a while which I loved. It also worked very nicely to darken my eyebrows a bit, I would definitely purchase this one again one of my favorites!

It's retails for R79, you can get it from Edgars, Clicks, Dis-chem all major retailers 

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I'm Married 6 Months Today!!

I have been with my husband for 9 years now and today marks our "6 Month" wedding anniversary. I cannot believe 6 months have gone by so fast, our wedding is still so fresh in my mind! I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics with you guys.My wedding was truly one of the happiest days of my life, but it went by so fast!!

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Manicure Monday

I picked these two bottles up for R6 each, they are not anything fancy but I loved the pail pink so much and what girl doesn't need a little glitter in her life!!

The ring I got at Legit R59,95 :-)

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Straight Hair Problems

I have long straight hair (touches my belt at the moment) and although it might sound very nice there isn't much I can do with it, I usually wear it two ways 95% of the time down or 5% of the time in a messy pony tail. I have the type of hair that's impossible to curl unless you have 2 ltrs of hair spray and a R2000 curling iron (none of which i posses).

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Favorites Friday

Being on leave most of this week I started thinking about what I use everyday and what I love and decided to dedicate my Friday post to all my favorites of this week!

1. Scandal (The Fixer) - This is fast becoming one of my all time favorite shows, if you haven't seen it yet definitely one of my top recommendations.

2. Garnier BB Cream (R89-95) - I do not leave my house with out my bb cream close by, I don't know what we did before bb cream was invented hahaha

3. LipGloss - Is was and always will be one of my biggest obsessions, every time I go to a store I have to come back with one!!

4. Inglot Blush #54 (R179) - This has become my everyday blush its a gorgeous shade and goes well with everything (my other blushes have been abandoned).

5. Bobby Pins - I know this might sound weird and your probably thinking really bobby pins?? but i hardly wear my hair up and bobby pins can make even a normal down style look better with a tiny piece pinned up!

Have a fabulous weekend loves 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Think About It Thursday

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yardley Treatment Quick Dry Review

I have always had two problems when it comes to painting my nails! I would either leave my chipped nails till like 10 minutes before I go to bed and have no choice but to paint them. Then wake up in the morning with either smudged nails or have those nasty hair lines all over them or I'd paint them just before I want to do something (like go to the toilet with jeans on haha) and I can never wait for them to dry! My husband always bitches that I need to do it when I get home but really lets be serious ain't nobody got time for that!!! I tried so many quick drying top coats but the problem I found was after about 4 or 5 uses most of them caused these irritating little bubbles when your nail polish dried and you still had to wait about 10 minutes for it to dry, and sitting paralyzed waiting for your nails to dry again lets be serious ain't nobody got time for that!!!

Wishing Wednesday

This weeks post goes out to the Cherie bow Dior Spring 2013 collection. Im not sure if its the pretty shades, amazing looking products or the oh so pretty packaging but I have fallen in love with this collection. Everything about it is amazing and I can only dream of getting my hands on some of these products (where is my fairy Godmother when I need her!!)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Mini Road Trip

So Gavin (my husband) :) and I were supposed to go to Elgin this past weekend but due to bad weather and booking issues we were unable to go :( And since we had already put in for 2 days leave we decided to go on a mini road trip and spend some time together.

Our plan B was to go to Hermanus and enjoy the whale festival and do some shopping and some nice dining, but some how as leaving decided to head to Goudini Spa in Worcester. Which turned out to be the best decision as the weather all over was really bad and rained 95% of the time. I still got to enjoy the warm springs though and sit by the fire which in Cape Town is always the best. 

Our trip had its fair share of head aches though which still brings a tear to my eye! Leaving Cape Town we passed by a construction vehicle and a stone flew off and chipped my windscreen. And about 10 minutes from Worcester a piece of my fender lining broke and scrapped my newly refurbished mags. I had to go sleep with wet hair cause I took the wrong plug and my hair dryers plug would not fit (BUT surprisingly today turned into a really good hair day) OH AND on our way back the bottle of coke burst open and ran out on my carpet. So no was not the best experience for my poor car, but spending time with my husband most definitely was and I cant wait to go again (maybe in his car this time hahahaha)

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kardashian Beauty Cosmetics Coming to SA Stores

If you love the Kardashian's as much as I do, then you should be equally as excited to hear that the Kardashian beauty cosmetics are going to hit South African shores.

Their famous brand Khroma will be launching in STUTTAFORDS stores 15 November 2013, its said that only 15 Stuttafords stores will carry the brand for now and will be in more than 700 stores by next year. The range has quite a variety of products which range from eyeliners, eye shadows, mascara, lipgloss and false eyelashes to highlighters, bronzers, and even self tanners. With everything that these sisters touch turning into pure success I have no doubt that this range will do quite well here in South Africa. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of their highlighters and bronzers!!

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Manicure Monday

Essence Vampire's Love - Hunt me if you can, this is an amazing colour. Its a deep black with very fine silver glitter pieces (couldnt quite get it to show in the photos) and on my ring finger I have black and silver nail foils! 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Favorites Friday

1. Mr Lacy Flatties in neon pink (R29.95) - I love these neon pink laces I got them from Shesha in Canal Walk.

2. EOS Strawberry Sorbet ($5.99) - These EOS lip balms are so nice and the scent is amazing

3. Bubbly Chocolate (R14.95) - OK so this chocolate isn't the newest but if I got one every week it would be part of my favorites EVERY week I am obsessed with it!!

4. Baby Lips Peach Kiss ($4.45) - If you haven't tried Baby lips before you do not know what you are missing out on these are amazing!

5. Rimmel Colour Stay Lipgloss (R89.95) - I've bought a few of these Rimmel lip gloss and love them I managed to get a few at the Edgars red carpet sale for R54.95 (any discount is a bonus to me)

6. Essence Vampire's Love Hunt me if you can (R34.95) - This is an amazing black/blue colour with fine silver glitter which I was lucky enough to have picked up for R24.95 at Dis-chem :)

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Happy Friday The 13th

Essence & Catrice Makeup Packs

I discovered these nifty makeup packs by Essence and Catrice in Dis-chem. They are filled with makeup products like nail polish, eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara, foundation, powders, nail stickers, nail glitters, lipgloss, bronzer get even see what else :) and come in a clear makeup bag.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lip Product Survey

After seeing everyone's gorgeous pictures of the content of their makeup bags on Instagram today, it lead me down a path of thinking which eventually ended at. 
What is the normal amount of lip product woman carry with them every day? 

These are what I scratched out of my tiny little clutch.....

Chanel Youx Waterproof Eyeliner #10 - Review

I have what the Dr's call Dry Eyes which means my eyes water allot (if you understand the logic here then you my friend need a bells) it sometimes burns so bad from all the tears that I have to stop what I'm doing and wash my face because it looks like I'm having a melt down. The problem here is that my eyeliner never lasts more than about 20 minutes at a time. So I used to have two looks trashy 2am just came from a club look or this chick needs to get her shit under control, neither of which are very hot! This then lead me on a hunt to find a product that actually did what it said it would!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wishing Wednesday - Some Stuff I Want To Try Next

1. Moroccan Oil Hair Products - I've heard such great reviews about these products so as soon as I figure out were to get them from I'm gonna try them ;-)

2. Stila One Step Bronzer - I'm looking for a good bronzer and this seems to be on the top of most peoples list so def the next one for me to try out.

3. Skull Cookie Jar - I've said this so many times but I really am obsessed with skulls and I see these come out in a money box as well, so if I can get my hands on either I would be the happiest girl (for that day hahaha)

4. Garnier BB Cream For Combo Skin - Garnier make such good bb creams and I'm hopping this one will be less oily

5. Smashbox I love Blush - I love this shade of blush but every time I seem to go they don't have it so I am still on the hunt for now

6. Yardley Radiant Glow Illuminator - I am convinced that there has to be illuminators out there that are just as good at the top brands and everyone seems to be recommending this one

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks SPF15 - Review

I was fortunate enough to have receive a few Avon products from their new colour rich line from Beauty Bulletin to do a review on.