Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wishing Wednesday - Some Stuff I Want To Try Next

1. Moroccan Oil Hair Products - I've heard such great reviews about these products so as soon as I figure out were to get them from I'm gonna try them ;-)

2. Stila One Step Bronzer - I'm looking for a good bronzer and this seems to be on the top of most peoples list so def the next one for me to try out.

3. Skull Cookie Jar - I've said this so many times but I really am obsessed with skulls and I see these come out in a money box as well, so if I can get my hands on either I would be the happiest girl (for that day hahaha)

4. Garnier BB Cream For Combo Skin - Garnier make such good bb creams and I'm hopping this one will be less oily

5. Smashbox I love Blush - I love this shade of blush but every time I seem to go they don't have it so I am still on the hunt for now

6. Yardley Radiant Glow Illuminator - I am convinced that there has to be illuminators out there that are just as good at the top brands and everyone seems to be recommending this one


  1. I love the Moroccan Oil Treatment :) It's a must have!
    Please follow my blog

    1. Everyone has been giving it rave reviews so I am dying to try it now

      Shall do so Thanks for stopping by

  2. The yardley radiant glow is amazing, but you only need to use very little at a time. And the one step bronzer is amazing! I like the body shop honey bronzer too


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