Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

This sounds like another amazing product that South Africa will probably never see along with the amazing baby lips!

What Ive read - Apparently Maybelline Japan has released this product a couple of months ago but it has not yet hit the US or UK shores, and if you like me live in South Africa don't hold your breath for it to hit our shores anytime soon! (we will have to admire it on our screens with tears in our eyes)

What Maybelline has to say - Instantly refine pores, Gel texture, instantly vanish pores, Create matte finishing, Contains oil-absorbing ingredients, Avoids shines on skin, Smooth skin, Contains watery soft ingredient to soften skin, Protect skin, Fragrance free formula and anti-oxidizing cherry extract help to protect skin.

What other bloggers had to say - This is a clear silicone based gel primer, it can be worn alone or under you makeup. It goes on really smooth and blends out really easily. I prefer this -consistency as opposed to the benefit Professional primer as it slides on a lot easier without having to flake off. It’s not sticky at all and has absolutely no fragrance. I apply the product with either a foundation brush or my finger tips, mainly to my T-zone and my cheeks after I've finished applying my bb cream / tinted moisturizer and concealer to get a flawless finish. I do love the product as a finishing gel, it keeps my skin looking matte for most of the day. The blurring of the pores looks really natural and there are no visible streaks of the product after blending in.  Personally, I find that this product doesn't show too much of its effects if used under makeup, but does provide a smooth canvas nonetheless. The best way to use this product is using it on top of makeup, it really creates a flawless finish to your makeup and in a way can act like a dupe for the Laura Mercier Secret Finish. I do prefer this over my benefit professional - the results are more obvious and slightly more long lasting. I do have to take this out of my bag sometimes depending on the weather for the day and for touching up if there's a dinner/ important errand to run for the day.

Should you have extremely oily skin, I'm not too sure that this product will last long, you would probably have to reapply during the day as I find that my T zone starts to get a little shiny mid day due to the weather despite having Normal- combination skin. So I do wish that the product would have had more lasting power in terms of controlling the oil.

Recommended for
- Anyone looking for a good primer
- normal - oily skin ; to help semi - mattify your look
- Anyone who wants to have a natural airbrushed look to their makeup

Would I repurchase?
Yes! For the price, this product is such a steal, a perfect product to keep in my bag to touch up whilst being on the go.

This was taken off an Asian blog - Samantha-Ashley's blog

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  1. I didn't find the primer controlled my t-zone that well :-( But i wish it did because i LOVE how it makes my skin feel! Great review :)

  2. Can I get this in south Africa now?


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