Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Mini Road Trip

So Gavin (my husband) :) and I were supposed to go to Elgin this past weekend but due to bad weather and booking issues we were unable to go :( And since we had already put in for 2 days leave we decided to go on a mini road trip and spend some time together.

Our plan B was to go to Hermanus and enjoy the whale festival and do some shopping and some nice dining, but some how as leaving decided to head to Goudini Spa in Worcester. Which turned out to be the best decision as the weather all over was really bad and rained 95% of the time. I still got to enjoy the warm springs though and sit by the fire which in Cape Town is always the best. 

Our trip had its fair share of head aches though which still brings a tear to my eye! Leaving Cape Town we passed by a construction vehicle and a stone flew off and chipped my windscreen. And about 10 minutes from Worcester a piece of my fender lining broke and scrapped my newly refurbished mags. I had to go sleep with wet hair cause I took the wrong plug and my hair dryers plug would not fit (BUT surprisingly today turned into a really good hair day) OH AND on our way back the bottle of coke burst open and ran out on my carpet. So no was not the best experience for my poor car, but spending time with my husband most definitely was and I cant wait to go again (maybe in his car this time hahahaha)

In Love & Lipgloss 

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