Thursday, September 26, 2013

I hate nail polish remover bottles!

They make no sense to me at all. Why is the top of the bottle so wide? How much nail polish remover do they expect you to be poring at once? I am willing to stake my entire Chanel makeup collection on the fact that it was designed by a MAN!! (you know were more is always better or something to that effect)

I almost always smudge one of my nails when I am almost finished painting the last one! Then I need to take a little ball of cotton wool and dab just a tiny bit of nail polish remover on it so that I can take JUST THE ONE off. I slant the bottle over really really slowly just to get the tip of the cotton ball wet, and as its about to hit the cotton wool its like a tsunami erupts inside the bottle and half of the remover ends up all over the rest of my nails down my arm and over half of my leg!!! I CAN SERIOUSLY NOT BE THE ONLY PERSON!!

The other problem I find is the lid never quite closes right, ill always end up knocking the bottle all over the table or it evaporates in the cupboard from standing! When ever Id go have acrylic nails put on they always had these nifty little bottles for the acetone and acrylic wipes and stuff, and I was convinced that I could get one like that as well. So I went online and tracked this bottle down, its literally one of the best things I own. My nail polish remover lasts so much longer, you just roll the cotton ball place it in the holder press the pump down a few times with two fingers and the cotton ball soaks up the remover NO MORE MESS.

I got this bottle at Planet Nails if I remember correctly for R25

In Love & Lipgloss

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