Sunday, September 22, 2013

Straight Hair Problems

I have long straight hair (touches my belt at the moment) and although it might sound very nice there isn't much I can do with it, I usually wear it two ways 95% of the time down or 5% of the time in a messy pony tail. I have the type of hair that's impossible to curl unless you have 2 ltrs of hair spray and a R2000 curling iron (none of which i posses).

I once sat two and a half hours curling it with a full bottle of hair spray only to have them all fall out in 15mins cause my hair is kinda heavy. So lately I've been experimenting with bobby pins (my new found friends) It amazes me how just partly pinned up can change your appearance so much, the only problem is Im sure they jump out of my hair and run away cause at the rate I lose these damn things Im probably gonna need about 2000 more.

I always used to see them laying on the floor in public and used to get grossed out, I was like cant people get their shit under control?? You do not just throw a clip on the floor when you no longer have use for it, its unsanitary and you cannot expect the next person to come along and pick it up for you. BUT I GET IT NOW, to who ever has to pick up all my lost bobby pins (which through out my life Im guessing is like 5000 pins now) I am so sorry hahaha

The other problem is because my hair is so straight the clips never seem to stay in, which leaves me with the question which way is the right way to wear a bobby pin (squiggly side up or squiggly side down) My answer there JUST ADD SOME MORE PINS one is bound to stay in place hahaha 
Now I know most people would say there are plenty of ways other than down or up but I honestly feel that I do not have the right shape of face to do these ballerina buns and stuff (yep im feeling you this girl has issues) and I love my hair down in all honesty makes me feel all Kardashian like hahaha 

Let me know how you wear your bobby pins!

In Love & Lipgloss 

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