Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dior Show Iconic Overcurl Review

I received this snazzy little mascara sample from the Dior counter the other day, its honestly one of the best samples I've received. Its literally almost the size of a normal mascara so I couldn't believe it was only a sample lol It has the exact same design as the full sized one its just a tiny mascara like a minion version hahaha 

The full sized one as well as the sample had a curved brush which made it really easy to apply the mascara in the corners and the bottom lashes (I always seem to mess I seriously need to get me a mascara guard) It has a sleek mirror silver bottle with the signature Dior writing all over it. It didnt clump my lashes and separated pretty well.

Its a very black mascara, one coat gives a very natural look but as mentioned before I am all about the drama and for review purposes I wanted to wear it how I normally wear my mascara. I was a bit hesitant about the over curl as I hate my lashes curled so I went in with out a eyelash curler. To my surprise there wasn't much curl at all, pretty much looked like all the other mascara in that department. It does give allot of length and volume though which I loved. I wore it a good few hours with out any touch ups and it didn't flake or smear at all.  It isn't very waterproof though as while I was cleaning the little that I messed even after allowing it to dry it did smudge it a bit then but otherwise no actually smudging from wearing it. But I do not think this will be a good mascara for those hot sweaty summer days.

10 AM                                        9 PM   

Over all this was a very nice mascara it didn't wow me but it did last and give the impact that I was looking for. This one retails for R390 and can be bought at the Dior counter 

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