Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks SPF15 - Review

I was fortunate enough to have receive a few Avon products from their new colour rich line from Beauty Bulletin to do a review on. 

I received two gorgeous lipsticks in shades Blush Nude and Silky Peach and then a glimmer stick in shade Pink Bouquet. 

The lip liner is a pink that I would call either a dirty pink or a dusty rose (I could be wrong but that's my opinion) I don't generally wear lip liner so honestly I wouldn't know were to start to be honest. So what I did was outline my lips with a thick border and then used a pink lipgloss to smudge it in which gave me a really cool ombré effect. 

The Silky peach lipstick is just that a very soft peach. I have to say orange has never been my thing but this lipstick is starting to grow on me. I feel it's more of a spring summer colour so when it's starts warming up I will maybe bring this one out. 

Now when it comes to the blush nude I have fallen in LOVE (yes it's that good) this lipstick is on my person at all times! It's a nude colour with a very subtle soft pink in it. It is even more amazing when you add a layer of lipgloss!! 

These lipsticks are very creamy and glide on with ease. What I've discovered less is definitely more. And while these lipsticks have a bit of a shine lipgloss does help it to pop a tiny bit more. Although I add lipgloss to everything even lipgloss hahaha. The only thing I didn't like about this lipstick was the smell not the nicest but that can be masked by the lipgloss ;-) It wears pretty well and even though the gloss wears off the colour remains pretty long throughout the day. Honestly for now the only one ill repurchase again is the nude it's an amazing colour. 

These can be bought directly from Avon they go for about R129,95 but are on sale at the moment for R64,95 the glimmer stick averages for R79,95 (the last time I checked)

In Love & Lipgloss

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