Friday, April 10, 2015

Product Alert | Real Techniques Have Landed

YES ITS TRUE REAL TECHNIQUE BRUSHES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA, and by available I mean you can actually walk into a store and hold them in your hand before you decided to buy and no expensive courier charges which means you can buy more brushes! It is now available at selected Foschinin stores and although they don't have the complete range they do have some goodies. Some stores have already completely sold out, the only down fall is they are double the price that you would pay in the States but with import fees and the climbing rate of the dollar to rand its understandable and for me ok because you don't have to wait months for it to arrive, also compared to allot of online places they are priced really well. If you do however have a makeup mule then I would say still get it in the States but think about it wouldn't you rather get something else in its place that isn't available here now. I just hope this is going to become a permanent range so that we can get it when ever we want. If not then I would recommend you go out and get as much as you can before they are all gone.


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