Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jeannie in a bottle

I can honestly say that I have never seen one of our local celebrities release a personal fragrance before, if they have I am so sorry that I have never seen or tested if before (hint hint) This week it was announced that Top Billing presenter and local celebrity Jeannie D has released her first fragrance cleverly named Jeannie in a bottle!

It will be sold from Sunday 1 December exclusively in Clicks stores but if you cannot wait till then it is available online from Forma cosmetics for R329,99. I have to say thought after seeing all the add campaignes going around I am dying to try this scent out, I am a fan of J-D and hope that this one is a major success!!

From the forma-cosmetics site:
The entertainment world’s favourite girl has decided to branch out and do what very few local celebrities have done; launch her own fine fragrance, "Jeannie in a Bottle"... Encompassing all that is Jeannie, in one beautifully bottled and packaged, world class fragrance, Jeannie in a bottle is as elegant and sophisticated as Jeannie herself. Its fruity and citrusy top notes are seductively infused with sophisticated floral and spicy-woody middle notes, with a bass note of amber, musk, tonka bean and vanilla.

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