Friday, November 15, 2013

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

I have been obsessing over Moroccan Oil hair products this last couple of months, only because EVERY person I follow on Instagram was raving about how awesome it is and I could literally not find it anywhere in Cape Town! It got so bad that if I found ANY product that said Moroccan oil on it Id buy it, you know FOMO haha I swear I've phoned every hair salon in Cape Town that's names I could remember trying to track down even a sample of this product and no one even knew what I was talking about or kept referring brands that also do it I wanted to scream and finally just gave up!! Then last month my husband took me to a late night movie and on our way out of the shopping center I noticed a salon that in the corner on one of their shelve displays was a range of products all in BLUE packaging!!! I'm embarrassed to even explain the shriek that came out of my mouth and I do apologize to the old couple that was behind us but if they knew they would have understood I'm sure hehe

The next day I had to phoned the second the salon opened and was there straight after work to collect my hair mask. The sales lady insisted that I try this oil treatment but her explanation on it was the worst I've ever heard (and it was way more and we always know how they try to sell you more expansive products lol) and the mask was what I was after so there was no way I was walking out the store without it. Needless to say I did go back for the hair treatment oil and I swear it was the best decision I have ever made!! Since I got this I have literally not touched any of my hair masks! Now lets get down to what your actually here for my review on this product haha

What they promise:
Moroccanoil® Treatment is the original formula that pioneered the oil-infused hair care category, creating the worldwide buzz on argan oil. A versatile and multitasking product, it is an essential foundation for hairstyling that can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It even speeds up drying time and helps restore and revive hair damaged from chemicals found in shampoos, color processes and perms, as well as environmental factors. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil, strengthening proteins and shine-boosting vitamins. A completely transformative treatment that leaves the hair healthy, shiny and more manageable.

• Detangles
• Restores elasticity
• Revitalizes hair

Did it work HELL YES!! It did exactly what they promised and so much more. This treatment you would use like any other silicone, you can apply it to towel dried hair and then style, after you have dried your hair and before heat styling or after to complete your look, flatten down any fly a ways and to condition. I've been using it after I dry my hair and before heat styling and after I add a tiny bit more, it makes my hair smell so good and my hair feels softer, bouncier, shinier and overall just so much healthier looking. I have not been able to keep my hands off my hair it just feels so good. I love the pump nozzle that it comes with because its so much easier to pump just a tiny bit into your hand and not waste any product. You do need to be very careful with the amount that you apply because if you add to much it does tend to make your hair look oily. I only apply it about 5cm from the top and I rub it into my tips for extra conditioning after I rub the palms of my hands very lightly over the top just to add some more shine to my root section. I can honestly find not fault in this product at all, will I be purchasing again yes it is my new hair hero and i will not go anywhere with out it!

This treatment retails for R415 for a 100ml bottle which sounds like allot but you use such a little each time that I'm sure with will last for a good few months!!

In Love & Lipgloss 

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