Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

A couple of months ago I won this mascara from Gee Whiskers amazing woman's day competition (you can read her review here) and when my current mascara was finally finished I started using it (I always finish my mascara before I move on to the next) I have been using it for the past month or so, so I guess I can finally give my review on it.

I have really been enjoying this mascara, it claims to be a long lasting mascara and it really is. I apply my mascara really early in the morning before work and it pretty much looks exactly the same in the evenings (I don't touch up my makeup during the day so I expect it to last through out). It doesn't clump or start crumbling during the day and has amazing staying power even on really hot days. It is a bit difficult to wash off if you do not have makeup remover but hot water works if you rub long enough hehe and because off this I would guess its a good mascara for people that bring on the water works allot! It has a really nice brush which at first I wasn't to sold on but after using it a few times I actually really like now. It has short thin bristles which make it easy to get to the smaller shorter lashes in the corner of your eyes so you have even coverage. Its a nice black mascara and is very buildable, so if your like me that likes drama you can layer it with out lumps or sticking together!

You can pick this mascara up for R220 at most major department stores, cosmetic counters and pharmacies.

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