Friday, January 31, 2014

Favourites Friday - The Bubble Tea Company

So the lovely Chantal from Channi Chic and I met up for what was supposed to be a girls coffee but that never happened (not cool) so instead we decided to go for our first ever bubble tea experience. I initially went know exactly what combination I wanted (rooibos tea, caramel & chocolate balls) but they were out of chocolate so I had to settle for something else.

What is bubble tea? You start with a choice of 4 teas as a base then you can either get it in the form of a fruity ice tea or a non-dairy milkshake tea. The unique and best part then is the toppings you can add different flavored popping bobas which is little fruit juice balls covered with sodium alginate and calcium loctose (which is basically seaweed) these balls burst in your mouth releasing a burst of flavors or you could go with tapioca pearls that is more chewy. I went with Ceylon black tea, watermelon and yogurt bobas, and although I chocked on two balls after swallowing them whole my first initial experience was some what like having large caviar balls in my mouth but with a way better after taste. At first I wasn't sure if i was quite sold on the whole thing but after finishing it I have to say I quite like the feeling of balls in my mouth hahaha You don't really taste the tea that much and my watermelon tasted more like a watered down strawberry steri stumpie to be honest but the burst of flavor from my balls more than made up for it it's the perfect balance of sweet and sour from the yogurt. I have to say I am sold on the whole bubble tea experience I need to taste the rest of the combinations now! 

Channi is truly the best she was even willing to knowingly stalk and individual with me hahaha but that's a story for a whole different post ;-) 

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  1. Haha, got some Bubble Tea over the holidays from the V&A market with my boyfriend. I had a more fruity tropical (?) mix in green tea, coupled with litchi balls I think. It was definitely WAY better that the bf's weird milky chocolate combo. I don't really know why this is a thing - it's weird :D


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