Monday, February 3, 2014

Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush

Part of the Les Beige collection is this adorable must have limited edition retractable kabuki brush.  I only ever held it in my hands once and it was like this holy Grail item that I've never even thought of again! Why because it holds the largest price tag I have ever seen in a brush and there was no way I could even have talked myself into needing it, so I just wiped it out of my mind as one of those he who shall not be named items! Come on admit it we all have one of those items right?

This past Christmas I opened what I call Pandora's box which was disguised in a black and white box with a gold flower and a name that almost stopped my heart for a second!! Yes my darling husband bought me almost all of my Chanel Christmas wishes is he not the best. Being ME I knew exactly what would be inside that box but when I opened it there was one extra box. Now I'll admit my first response was you bought makeup without asking!! but the second I tore the corner off revealing its name I shrieked because this item I have never even mentioned I wouldn't even dare but there it was in all it's glory and oh did he ever score extra browny points hahaha

You have to hold this brush for yourself to truly know how special it is but I'll try and explain the best I possibly can. It comes in a glossy black metal casing with a sleeve that retracts to squish the bristles together allowing you to open and close the lid effortlessly with out damaging or bending any of the amazingly soft bristles, this also allows for you to store or travel with it without damaging it. The bristles are remarkably soft it's like rubbing little baby kittens all over your face, I swear I can go on all day about how soft and fluffy it is but you have to feel it for yourself! The bristles are extremely dense which makes application a dream and because the handle is longer than most kabuki brushes it allows for a more precise and controlled application. I have only ever used it with powder blushes but it's amazing to build colour, if you were using a highly pigmented blush you would need to use a extra light hand because this brush does pick allot of product up. Like the box it comes in it sports a cream Chanel logo instead of the normal white but so does the rest of the Les Beiges collection. The only thing I don't like about this brush is that the bristles are cream so when ever you use it it stains it really quickly but I didn't have any issues washing it and all the colour rinsed out effortlessly.

The reason I say my dear husband has opened Pandora's box is because now I want anything and everything Chanel, all their makeup is so amazing to use and the quality is top of the range in everything. The prices are sometimes a bit high but that's what you can expect from a high end makeup brand.

The brush retails for around R760 and is definitely one of the most expensive brushes I own but I am totally in love with the brush money well spent (even if it wasn't my own hahaha)

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