Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catrice Prime & Fine Highlighting Powder in 010 Fairy Dust

Over the last couple of weeks high lighter has become one of my top everyday makeup products, I've become totally obsessed with bronzers and highlighters and have been using it every single day. The problem I found how ever is that I have really tanned skin and 90% of the highlighters I've found is more white and maybe I just don't know how to work with such light stuff on my darker shade of skin but they have just not worked for me.

Then I came across Catrices prime and fine highlighting powder in Fairy Dust, if your looking for something to give you that soft natural glow then this powder is perfect! The highlighter has very fine gold pigmentation with soft pink undertones that will give you that barley there golden glow. The golden shimmer is very build able but you need to have a light hand because the heavier it is you will start to see it in lines and pores, the product also picks up really well on your brush. I apply it to my cheek bones, temples, down the ridge of my nose and on my cupids bone for that natural sunkissed glow. I also dust a very small amount across my forehead but as little as possible because it can leave that section of my face looking very oily if I apply to much.

It comes in a hard glossy black compact with white writing and although it got allot of scratches on it really quickly I love the sturdiness of this compact. The only fault I can find in this product and it really is the only one is that it does not have a mirror on the lid like every other compact I own. And although I never quite got the point of the mirror because I never use it I have to say that not having the mirror has been some what annoying because it would make traveling with it just a little bit easier.

This is one of my all time top must have makeup products, and Catrice really has a winner here!! I picked it up from Dischem for R59,95 and with a price tag like that Im going to get another for just in case haha

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