Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catrice Defining Blush 060 Rosewood Forest

My preference in blush has gone from pink to peach to brown in the space of a few weeks. And although my obsession with Chanel is growing alarmingly fast and some what problematic there is no way id use my coveted blushes every day. The second makeup range I find myself reaching for allot lately is Catrice, it has become my favourite everyday brand and the quality is that of any top brand and I am absolutely certain they would be able to compete and secure their position.  There is currently two of their products that has a prime spot in my everyday makeup products and their defining blush is one of them!

I was on the hunt for a brown shade blush just to help define my cheek bones a bit on those days that I wanted to wear very little makeup, so I looked for something that could do the work of both a blush and bronzer but that took very little effort in getting ready. And one of the colours from Catrice that caught my eye was 060 Rosewood Forest.

Rosewood Forest Id describe as a mauvish pink, its some what between a pink, purple and brown colour I have fallen in love with it! The blush has a very velvety smooth texture and gives a really nice satin finish. It isn't chalky at all and gives a really nice glow to the cheeks. This blush is highly pigmented and you really need to have a light hand when applying, on the upside though they blend really well so if you go a bit blush crazy (happens to me sometimes) its really easy to correct and tone down. The product picks up really easily on my brush but it also doesn't waste any product because I've been using it since December and it literally hasn't even made a dent yet. It comes in a clear square plastic container much like their previous blushes, I love that its smaller than most containers so its easier to store and travel with. The plastic container is hard which I love cause I drop things allot so I don't see this one getting damaged really easily.

If your looking for a budget everyday blush but with higher end quality I would definitely recommend Catrice I love these blushes and I'm really glad they are going to be part of the permanent range. I picked this one up from Dischem for R44.95

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