Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Channi Chic Accessory Line

One of the fabulous people I met at the #CPTBloggetMeet was Chantal from Channic Chic and after meeting up for a cup of bubble tea I discovered that she was starting her own accessory line. She was sweet enough to bring me the cutest pair of button earrings and we started chatting about how the line got started. Check out what she had to say below.

What is your accessory line called?
My line is called Channi Chic, Ironic right! Well the reason I self named it was that I wanted it to be an extension of me, my blog and what I like. My entire range is limited edition as I will continuously update and create new pieces. 

How and why did you start the line?
I love accessories and I love the power that it has to enhance an outfit. I have always wanted to create something unique that reflected my somewhat quirky personality and it eventually just flared into something special. I stared making earrings for myself as I found that I wanted a different kind of earring to what was being sold commercially. I also thought that this would add a nice element to my blog as some of my loyal readers would then have the ability to own some of my signature pieces. I found various quirky pieces and found that when made into an accessory it could turn out to be something rather extraordinary. 

Where do you see the line going and were would you like to take it?
I've started out with earrings, but I assure you there are loads of other things in the pipeline. I am adding bracelets and neck pieces to the line. Also I'll be launching a snood line for the coming of winter, which I'm rather excited about.

What is the price range of your products?
My earrings are rather inexpensive. It ranges from R20 to R30. No reason not to spoil yourself with more than one pair. All earrings are individually put together adding that extra dash of love and originality.

Where can we purchase the accessories from?
My accessory pieces can be purchased from m blog and can be shipped all across South Africa


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