Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ponds Flawless Radiance Blemish Prevention SPF15 UV Cream

I don't post things that I am currently loving and I really don't know why? I wanna try and start doing it in the future, but I will start with this little gem that has been part of my routine for the last 5 months or so. I don't have perfect skin, in fact it's far from it but I've never had any major concerns until some bitchy sales assistant pointed them all out loudly in the middle of Foschini. After almost punching the bitch in the throat, the only part that I have ever had the smallest concern with now had me wanting to run and hide myself in my house and not come out again!

Aside from the occasional break out, I found that the area around my mouth and chin was always a shade darker than the rest of my face I mean I knew about it and it annoyed me but now it was a major problem for me. One thing that was recommended to me was the Ponds flawless Radiance Blemish Prevention SPF15 UV cream and the Even Tone Facial Foam. Applying SPF to my face has never been a major concern for me to be honest I've never even given it a second thought until it was pointed out to me that UV rays is one of the major causes of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Now I apply it like its life juice haha

Even Tone Facial Foam - What Pond's says: 
Gently cleanse your face twice a day with soft exfoliating beads to remove unwanted, dead and dull skin cells, while washing away dirt, oil and impurities. This facial foam with GenActiv™ formula is the first step to reveal a brighter skin appearance for a fresh and luminous complexion.

This cleanser did not quite do it for me, it looks like cream in the tube with tiny micro beads that's meant to exfoliate the skin. The beads are tiny and as an exfoliater it does work but for me it did not foam. In my mind if something doesn't foam I feel like it doesn't clean my skin properly and as a face wash I expect it to wash off any excess makeup that was not removed by my makeup remover and it just didn't do this. I did not like the smell of the product and it left my skin feeling really tight and dry after. I used this for about two weeks but did not like it at all. I picked this one up from Foschini for R54.99

Blemish Prevention SPF15 UV Cream - What Pond's says: 
It protects against both UVB burning rays and the deep penetrating UVA rays that are the main cause of dark spots. Strong sun rays not only darken skin, they go deep into your skin to trigger the appearance of dark spots. POND'S flawless radiance Blemish Prevention UV Cream with GenActiv™ formula helps to prevent the formulation of dark spots below the skin's surface.

Ponds has a winner here! The blemish prevention cream has a creamy, non greasy, light weight texture. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy like most SPF creams do. Because of the vitamin B it hasn't caused any break outs like I normally experience from SPF's either in fact my skin has actually cleared up and I find myself experiencing less of the occasional break out. My skin is now one consistent shade and I find that it seems to be glowing, I also don't need to constantly apply BB cream in that area in fact I haven't been using it at all. I use it under my makeup and I love how it gives you a matte finish when applied. I cant say it made my makeup last any longer but it didn't cause any difficulty applying it straight after either. The only problem I now have is that area is a bit dry around my mouth area now, hopefully I can find a Pond's product to combat that but for even skin tone I can live with that for now. I picked this one up from Foschini for R89.99

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