Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My New Tattoo - Addition 5

Every December for the last 8 years I have gone for either a piercing or tattoo, its not planned out and most of the time its a last minute decision but its some what become a tradition for me! Don't get me wrong though I do think long and hard about every single tattoo I get no tattoo should be decided on a whim. I'm already thinking what I could do for next year If I decide to go for one that is, but its always like a lets just go and do it and get it over with type of thing!

I have two bars in my lower cartilage, like all cartilage piercings these take more than a year to heal and mine are far from it. They have shifted further apart a bit and the one is slightly slanted now but they are still in the exact position I wanted. These are my favourite piercings.

My tragus is also pierced in fact I have had both sides done because the left side was done first and I fiddled with it allot and hurt it so it never healed quite right and because of this my body rejected the bar and it started growing out. I then removed it and had the right side done, I've treated this one like a new born baby and its staying so far. This one is still a bit sensitive but its been almost 2 years now and its still not quite 100% healed.

I also have my belly button pierced but that I had done when I was 15 so I don't quite think it counts, just thought Id mention it.

In total I have been for 6 tattoos but this is my 5th addition, why ill explain. The very first tattoo I went for was a Chinese symbol for Honey in my lower neck I got this one when I was 19. For my 21st birthday I got a large fairy on the lower to middle part of my back. At 22 I got 4 more Chinese symbols down my spin which is just below the first symbol so I count this as one tattoo now, the meaning is Death before dishonor this one is very close to my heart because I hold loyalty above anything else (to be honest adding the Chinese symbols together could probably make it mean something entirely different like Coca cola or something but I really don't care) I then got a small star on my arm and the year before last I got love on the outer part of my wrist going horizontally. The last one I got this past December and I absolutely adore it, for the longest time ever I have wanted a sparrow but didn't have a clue were to put it and finally found the perfect place. I initially wanted it done on my upper thigh but opted to lower it a bit to make it slightly visible. I also added a Alice in Wonderland saying with it which reads Curiosity often leads to trouble, and with the placement I find this to be perfect.

A microdermal piercing is something I would really really like I think its so pretty
but it has a really high body rejection rate and that's something I don't want to chance!

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  1. Ah your tattoos are gorgeous! I really like your sparrow, it is so beautifully done!


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