Monday, February 17, 2014

Nails of the Days - China Glaze Too Yacht Too Handle

First off you guys need to know that I have been on the hunt for this polish for a few months now! I could not find it ANYWHERE and after countless discussions with Michelle from Ordinary Mis Fit (sorry Michelle) the polish was dubbed The polish that shall not be named. I was convinced it grew on trees in Johannesburg because every other person has it that side! Last week however I found out there was stock of only 3 bottles in Cape Town and I made the special trip to purchase two of them!

China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle is part of the sunsational collection. It's a neon turquoise that depending on how you want to layer it really does pack a punch in the wow factor. This is my first China Glaze polish and I did find it a bit thick but it was easy to paint with. I am absolutely obsessed with this colour it's a perfect summer shade and was well worth the wait I can see myself wearing this shade out soon though hahaha 

On my ring finger I have Ciate velvet tuxedo 060


  1. I love that colour! It is amazing! Your heart is so cute too

  2. Your nails are stunning! Love it. Those rings are to die for ;) x

  3. Congrats on finding this polish, its a lovely shade. I will be getting one for summer for sure ♥

  4. *snort* I am so stoked you found it. Now I can finally post some of my posts with it :P


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