Monday, January 20, 2014

MAC Nymphette Tinted Lipgloss

I was on the hunt for a bronzed/sun kissed lipgloss or lipstick and got some amazing recommendations and like everything I look for I turned to Pinterest and came across this amazing picture of MAC's Nymphette lipgloss. Nymphette is part of MAC's permanent range of lipgloss and has been around for quite some time but I have never bought their lipgloss and will admit to never hearing about it. I swear with in a hour of seeing the picture I rushed down to the MAC counter to try it out and I walked out with my first MAC lipgloss! Best decision I've ever made because I am in love with this gloss!!

Nymphette is described as a rosy-gold tinted lipgloss, it's a coral rosy pink with very prominent superfine flecks of gold metallic shimmer from some angles it almost looks purely gold. It is a sticky gloss and I was a bit hesitant in trying it but it isn't nearly as sticky as everyone describes it (I mean if your gonna walk with your hair down in the wind, any lipgloss no matter how sticky it is it will stick to your face!)  The thing about the thick sticky formula is that's what gives it the staying power and I have to say MAC lipgloss has amazing staying power which I was not expecting. It has a strong vanilla scent which makes it such a pleasure to apply. The only fault I can find in this lipgloss is the size of the tube and brush. This is my first MAC lipgloss so I am not entirely sure but I can only assume that it would be a bit difficult to get the product out once it starts finishing. Also for the amount your paying it is a very little tube but I instantly fell in love with this gloss so I got over that pretty quickly ;-) because it's a gorgeous colour and I am surprised at how moisturizing it is for a lipgloss.

This imagine was taken off pinterest its what made me instantly fall in love but I would 
like to point out that she is wearing either a lipliner of lipstick under it as it is not as outstanding.

On my tanned skin tone I found this to be an amazing colour and it gives the perfect sun kissed glow I was looking for but for most the colour pay off isn't very great but in its defense it is a tinted lipgloss so I wasn't expecting it to have in your face popping colour but I do wish the colour was just a little more prominent. 

Retails for R175,00 would I purchase again definitely!! 

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