Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dirty Works Rumpy Plumpy Lip Plumper

Increase your pout to perfect proportions with this hydrating 
gloss lip plumper.

I have become a huge fan of Dirty Works over the last few month's, manly because of their hand cream it is truly amazing and their vintage packaging is so gorgeous.  My only wish would be that we could get more of the amazing range here in South Africa.

With MOISTURISING Jojoba oil to feed thirsty lips with goodness and full bodied sexiness 

Now let me start off with saying I by no means have thin lips in fact they are really full and it's something I really like about them, and getting the "Angelina Jolie" lips was the last thing I wanted (I'm team Aniston hahaha) but I wanted to see if it actually works.

With a proven lip plumper active to give your pout that extra
VA VA Voom! Can be applied over lipstick for a perfect cat
walk gloss finish.

I picked up the Dirty Works Rumpy Plumpy lip plumber at Clicks for R59-95. Its chocolate & orange flavoured and although it smells really nice and sweet it doesn't taste like anything. After about a minute or so of applying it my lips started tingling and I experienced a slight burn, after using it a few times it did ease up a bit but it does still tingle when applied. I could see a slight bee sting effect which at first made me feel like my lips were swollen but it fades away really quickly, they say it's supposed to last an hour but it lasted on me about 20 minutes. The only really noticeable thing I could see was it made my lips red but to me when I looked in the mirror it looked like my lips were sensitive and having a reaction to something I ate or used. It does give a good shine and can be added over lipstick with the same effects although I have never tried this.

Does it work? I'm not sure to be honest I did take before and after pics (which were loaded and removed hahaha I couldn't look at my lips online!) and the only difference I could noticeably see was the redness. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

In Love & Lipgloss 


  1. brittany_micaelaMarch 3, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    I have tried it and i think it works .. well i am a lipgloss FReak ... thats for sure ... uhm but i think it's a really good product. It worked for me i took some pictures if you want to see hit my twitter up... on @brittz__ and hashtag "lip plumper "

  2. I'm such a fool for lip items. This looks and appears to be fab! I really really like your website. I've been trying to adhere to you for a short time now but it doesn't let me!Wow, this has a awesome and clearly noticeable impact. I was thinking if you would see any distinction at all, when I first saw it in an on the internet store. Thanks for the review!Lip Plumper

    1. oh no thats not good! Send me a email and we can chat about it ill give you my thoughts on this product

      thanks for commenting xoxo


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