Monday, December 9, 2013

Nails of The Day - Catrice Cosmetics

About a week or two ago I discovered the new Catrice stand in Dischem (I'm not entirely sure how long its been there but it cant be that long because I go into Dischem allot and Ive only ever seen a few nail polishes, so to me the stand is new haha) I have to say that I am loving this brand they have some amazing eye shadow palettes and really unique and different colour nail polishes. I have a feeling Ill be posting allot more from this brand.

Christmas it one of my favourite holidays and I love getting into the spirit of the festivities, so I like adding allot of sparkle to my nails. I picked up two bottles from Catrice, 37 The Effect maker which is a rosy nude with a pink pearl effect to it and on my ring finger I have 45 Kitch me if you can which is a light pink glitter with fine silver glitter pieces in it. 

This nail polish dries pretty quick and depending on how dark you want it you only need to really add two thin layers, I have two layers on here and also on my ring finger with another two layers of glitter added. I got two full days of wear before I got my first chip but I'm sure it will last much longer (it was weekend and I was shopping lol it was under pressure)

I picked these polishes up for R34.95 each at Dischem, well worth the money!!

In Love & Lipgloss 

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