Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey Gorgeous Candy Floss Lip Scrub

I was lucky enough to get one of these candy floss lip scrubs from the fabulous people over at Hey Gorgeous and am I glad I ever did. I have never been the lip scrub type I did not get the point of it, I mean I always have my labello or babylips some type of lip moisturizer on me and I always thought this was enough. Then when I started wearing brighter shades of lipstick I notice how sometimes I would have buildup in the creases of my lips and also it would make my lips look so dry that I'd end up removing everything. The fact is our lips are just like the rest of our body and it also needs to be exfoliated to help remove dead and dry skin cells so that your left with smooth brighter skin. 

A lip scrub is basically sugar, oil, colouring and flavouring and I'm guessing sticking you finger into a sugar bowl and rubbing this across your lips would probably do the same job and you could probably make this at home but really ain't nobody got time for that. I'd rather buy the perfectly packaged little tub any day because the amazingly strong scent from the candy floss is divine, I could smell it the minute the courier company walked in the door with the sealed bag. 

The lip scrub is really easy to apply, the only fault I could find is that this product is not really something you can use on the go. You can't be out shopping or anything and suddenly feel that your lips are really dry and pop it out of your bag because this product is really messy to use. The best place to use it is in you bathroom standing over your basin because the excess sugar and oil really need to be cleaned immediately. The one thing I'm really glad and happy about is that the tub it comes in really does seal tightly, even though some of the oil does escape I left it on the kitchen counter over night and it was attacked by ants luckily I was able to wash this away under the tap. I've had to store it in the fridge because I think this strong sweet smell is just to much of a temptation for them, I was afraid that it would go hard but it hasn't as long as there is enough oil to cover the sugar your able to leave it there for sometime. Also applying it cold to your lips is allot more soothing. 

These come in 100g tubs for R60 and can be ordered directly from the Hey gorgeous site, Hey Gorgeous products are 100% natural and made for woman by woman. It is a family run business offering the most amazing sounding and smelling products all centered around body care products that are good enough to eat!

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