Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Find - She Wolf Products

Last week the lovely Priya from Purple Sparklez let me in on a little Durban secret that I've been told not many people know about! If you like me were not one of those lucky ladies to have received the makeup storage last week then I am guessing that you like me have been drooling over all these pics on the net as every beauty blogger has started filling theirs up. And although the makeup storage is really not that badly priced when I hear there is a competing company out there with competitive pricing then you best believe I am gonna check them out!! I contacted them immediately to get the low down and the lovely Nadine was more than willing to spill the beans.

A little bit about this company: She Woolf products was founded in 2013 by Nadine Singh and is based in Durban. They are stockiest of the most stunning acrylic makeup organizers in different sizes and have been personalized with the most amazing diamond handles. They also have their own branded cosmetic line as well as eyelash extensions, makeup brushes and hair extensions. They deliver anywhere in South Africa, their aim is to create a clutter free beauty environment. 

Now I don't know about you but when I hear personalized and diamonds in the same sentence you instantly have my attention. And after having a nosy around their website and Facebook page I am now left with yet another lust list to add to my long long list of beauty products I NEED in my life to carrying on living you know. So far though these makeup storage drawers are very high on this list (I need that clutter free environment they keep talking about *cries)

You can contact them on one of the following platforms:

Cell: 0795265542

PS: Photos have been sourced from the She Wolf website

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