Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chanel Counter Event

Last Wednesday I attended a counter even at Chanel in Canal Walk in celebration of their recently revamped studio inside Edgars.

We were greeted with makeovers and tall glasses of champagne as well as really fancy canapes. We were then given a little history in Chanel (I can proudly say I would have scored top marks and admittedly there was a few facts that I didn't know but was really interested to learn)

Like did you know Chanel No 5 was the first fragrance Gabrielle made and that she named it No 5 because it was the 5th fragrance she tested and that she considered it lucky and that's why she went with it. Hahaha well now you know ;-)

There is just something about being inside a Chanel store that brings butterflies to my stomach, even when I went to California I had to go into counters that side and I can tell you that they are just as amazing. There is allot of high end brands out there but none have captured my heart as much as Chanel. The packaging the scent the pure quality. I know its expensive but come on ITS CHANEL would you want it any other way.

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