Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder Review

Camelia de Plumes highlighting powder was the star of the Plumes Pr├ęcieuses de Chanel 2014 Holiday Collection (you can see the full collection here), partly because its one of the most gorgeous highlighters I've seen in a long time and hugely part to the fact that its (to my knowledge) the first Chanel highlighter to grace South African shores.

Now I think we all know that I am one of the biggest Chanel Makeup fans, and every time they release a new collection I generally stand shouting for them to just take my money and take it all! But I will also be the first to admit that not every product they release is a must own product and some I actually wish I would have passed up on! The highlighting powder comes with quite a heavy price tag at R750-00 and deep down I know that once the gorgeous detailing is worked away you will just be left with a normal highlighting powder. 

So the next sensible question you would ask is do I NEED it in my life and the answer honestly is no, no one needs such a fancy highlighter. Do you WANT this highlighter and the answer simply put is YES, YES, YES! If your a Chanel makeup collector then this is something that is needed in your collection (yes I said it its needed). Like most Chanel products the quality of this highlighter is amazing, it picks up on your brush pretty well and blends out with ease. The closest thing I would compared this highlighter to is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, Mary-Lou is more finely milled and slightly warmer and easier to blend where Camelia de Plumes is slightly more shimmery and less pigmented. Mary-Lou is more of a everyday highlighter that can be worn to the office or anywhere for that matter where Camelia de Plumes isn't as easy to pull off and is more for parties or just to look sassy (hey lets face it sassy is my everyday look so you will get no judgement here).

The packaging is traditional Chanel, it comes in the glossy black compact with a large mirror in the lid and a luxurious velvet black pouch different to the standard sleeve type pouch that every compact comes with.  

Given the chance would I return its product? No even with its heavy price tag and the fact I could probably live my life without this highlighter it still is an amazing product and different to anything else I have in my collection (also its limited edition and my FOMO kicks in).

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