Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Selfie Sticks

The Selfie revolution is upon us, so my suggestion to every person that despises them is to shut up and sit down because your opinion didn't really matter to begin with. For all those people out there that are hating on selfies you all need to realise that they are a thing and they are here to stay! I would rather be a generation remembered for taking millions of selfies than a generation remembered for the fact that we sat back and let Miley Cyrus happen or let dyed armpit hairs become a thing!!

I wouldn't brand myself as the Queen of Selfies but I will not take away from the fact that I am really REALLY good at taking them (no seriously I've given so many people lessons I should actually start charging) So when I saw that Selfie sticks finally hit SA shores I jumped on the computer and ordered one right away. I am so much more comfortable taking pictures of myself and honestly wish we could do this for like your drivers license and important things, those always seem to turn out the worst pictures ever taken of yourself! One of the other reasons I decided to buy one was because when my husband and myself go away on holiday we always find it difficult to take pictures with both of us in it and its annoying to always ask strangers to take them.

I would also just like to say that there is nothing that annoys me more than seeing a picture taken of someone that is then titled a selfie!! Look this shit up people, a selfie is a picture that you take of YOURSELF get it. A picture that is taken of you is a self portrait!! Im not sure if I can explain this any easier take picture of yourself = selfie, picture taken of you = self portrait!!!


I bought mine online from Selfie Stick SA for R220,00 but they are now available for a lot less at Cotton on, Dischem and even Mr Video believe it or not. What I am saying is you can basically buy them any where now.

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  1. I am sooo tempted to get one for the reason you just mentioned...Travel. Especially with friends and partners. It makes it easier and you can get more of the scenery into the image.

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time


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