Monday, August 17, 2015

My Favourite YouTube Beauty Vloggers

I love finding new beauty blogs or YouTube channels and I've see quite a few posts now of people sharing their top 5 and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon! I don't think people quite understand how big the beauty world has become and the impact a hand full of ladies actually have both in selling products and just helping people feel better about themselves all while creating an obsession we all share for makeup. I love watching not only tutorials but also to see whats new and trending and stuff we might not actually know is out there. I get so many questions asking why I need so much makeup and I don't feel like I need to justify anything or how much I pay for stuff. Everyone has hobbies and makeup is mine, I feel like Youtube and blogs are my escape where I can relate to people that have the same passion and obsession and they just understand even though we have never actually met. Here is a list of my top 5 that I am absolutely loving at the moment.

1. Jaclyn Hill

In my opinion the Queen B on YouTube! I remember watching Jaclyn when she sat in her kitchen or in front of her sofa, now she is one of the biggest YouTube beauty bloggers out there. Really making a name for herself she has collaborated with Morphe brushes bringing us the sold out Jaclyn Hill Favourites Palette as well as I believe, a soon to be favourites brush collection. There was also some lip products with Gerard Cosmetics (which she is no longer affiliated with and all branding has been removed, but her colors are two matte lipsticks called 1995 and buttercup and two lipglosses called butter cream and Rose hill) She has also recently collaborated with Becca cosmetics and made a hightlighter called Champagne Pop and if rumors are true there will be a second product released later this year (lets hope there will be some limited edition packaging this time!!) She also has her own cosmetic line coming out which I cannot wait for lets hope they ship world wide. This girl is really going places and I have to say I am still totally obsessed with her. I would probably buy anything she puts her name on, Oh and in case your wondering she is really really good at makeup tutorials also haha

2. Lusterlux

Katy is one of the most real YouTubers out there, I feel like I could really relate to her. She does some amazing looks that are really doable for the average Joe to copy. I love watching her beauty hauls as well. Her snap chats are so funny and some are really pointless but I just have to watch it all! I feel like her and Desi Perkins are twins and honestly I love them both equally.

3. Desi Perkins 

I feel like if I saw Desi on the street I would run in the opposite direction, she comes off really mean and hard core but when you watch her and Katies snaps you just cant get enough of them. She is starting a second YouTube channel just for vlogging her life and I honestly cannot wait for it to start. This girl is just perfection in every way and I have a major girl crush. I don't know how she gets her makeup that perfect but this girls contour is life goals of mine! 

4. Nicole Guerriero 

Nicole has some major skill when it comes to makeup and hair. I have watched so many of her videos and her Halloween ones are perfection. She can be so perfect yet so ghetto all at the same time. She does allot of personal vlogging and has only recently made her snap chat public so you get some more behind the scenes of her life. She has also started her own skin care line called Best damn beauty. 

5. Casey Holmes

Casey is that sweet all American girl that you cant not love. She does some amazing looks and her hair is always perfection. I also love watching her haul videos because she is really honest and has some great taste in music as well. She has another personal vlogging channel as well which is more about her life and what she gets up to some more interesting viewing.

Let me know what YouTube channels you love watching and if there are some I should be watching?

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