Thursday, September 10, 2015

MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl | Bringing The 90's Back

There are so many things about the 90's that I think we all wish we could forget! Fanny packs,  pump up Reebok's, butterfly clips (thanks for nothing Buffy), scrunchies, starter jackets, chain wallets, soul patches, crimped hair, over plucked eyebrows (I could keep going forever). Then there are some things we will never forget. Mark Wahlberg being Marky Mark, Disney Channel actually playing cartoons, playing Super Mario on a old school Nintendo, knowing exactly how to finishing singing "who you going to call", slip n slides, Britney Spears singing Baby one More Time and of course the macarena!! There are things however that have made a major come back and in a good way. Doc Martens, neon's, high wasted jeans, crop tops, leather biker jackets and then there is the most talked about craze the (air quotes) "Kylie Jenner Lip".

If Kim Kardashian is "the body" in the family and Kendall Jenner is "the legs" Kloe Kardashian is "the mouth" then Kylie Jenner is definitely "the lips" her (claimed to be) overdrawn lips and plumped up pout has received more attention than Kim's marriage to Kris and her sex tap with Ray J combined. Kylie has never actually come out and revealed what the actual colour is that she uses and I think the fact that she has announced the launch of her own lip kit might have something to do with it. Which is well played on her side because she has created quite a big hype and demand for it now. There has been speculation though as to what they are and two MAC lip liners have been named, both of which have sold out world wide and created quite a shortage. The one is said to be Spice which is a matte brown with red undertones and the other is Whirl which is also a matte with Mauve undertones.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl R210 - MAC Matte Lip liner in Whirl R190

Although Whirl lip liner has been around for ages it has been such a cult product and so hard to get that I was actually beginning to think it didn't exist. Then a couple of weeks ago when MAC released their Matte lip collection with 12 new shades added, I think everyone was both shocked and excited that Whirl was part of the line up. After a bit of hunting I was lucky enough to track down both the liner and lipstick. Whirl is described as a dirty rose with a matte finish, it is a medium dark rosy brown with warm undertones and a very matte finish. I don't know if I am the only person but I do not find MAC's matte lipsticks to be drying at all (that is if you use a good moisturising lip balm regularly). I think it is one of the most comfortable formulas. Whirl is very light and creamy and applies very smoothly. It has full colour coverage and doesn't tug when applying.

Now to the question I think everyone is asking, is the lipstick an exact dupe for the lip liner? The answer is a definite YES. The lipstick is allot creamier and easier to apply but once applied you cannot tell the difference. What people need to know and understand though is whirl like most nude shades look different on everyone. On my skin tone it leaned allot more to the brown/red side and on me I feel looks like a darker version of velvet teddy. On my skin tone Twig on the other hand I feel looks allot closer to the Kylie Jenner colour but with regards to MAC getting the lip liner and lipstick to match there they were spot on!

Every MAC counter I called was sold out but the online store still has stock, if you aren't able to get it this time round it isn't the end of the world because I have heard that it is going to be made a permanent shade!

Have you gotten both products yet let me know how you feel about them in the comments section below.

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