Monday, September 14, 2015

M.A.C | The Matte Lip Collection Summer 2015

A couple of weeks ago MAC released their The Matte Lip Collection for Summer 2015 (depending on what side of the hemisphere you are on you might have gotten it in Winter like us). There are 22 pieces in the collection but not all of them are new shades, in fact some of them are currently available as part of the permanent line and are being re-promoted. The shades being re-promoted are All fired up, Flat out Fabulous, Heroine, Kinda Sexy, Pink Pigeon, Please Me, Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy. Having said that, the better part of the collection however does consist mostly of new shades. You might also recognise some familiar names like Stone and Whirl and that is because they have cousins in MAC's lip pencil line. If you are fans of either of those two shades don't worry because allot of these shades are going to be added to the permanent line.

  • All Fired Up - bright fuchsia (Retro Matte) re-promote 
  • Antique Velvet - intense brown (Matte
  • Dangerous - Orangey re (Retro Matte)
  • D for Danger - Brick Red (Matte) 
  • Flat out Fabulous - Bright Plum (Retro Matte) re-promote
  • Heroine - Bright purple (Matte) re-promote
  • Instigator - Deep blackened plum (Matte
  • Kinda Sexy - Neutral Pinky Rose (Matte) re-promote
  • Matte Royal - Deep blue (Matte
  • Men Love Mystery - Lavender violet (Matte
  • Naturally Transformed - Muted Golden Beige (Matte
  • Please Me - Muted rose tinted pink (Matte) re-promote
  • Persistence - Peachy cinnamon (Matte
  • Pink Pigeon - Bright cleanest pink (Matte) re-promote
  • Ruby Woo - Vivid blue red (Retro Matte) re-promote
  • Runway Hit - Light nude (Retro Matte)
  • Steady Going - Light Pink (Retro Matte)
  • Stone - Muted greyish taupe brown (Matte
  • Studded Kiss - Dark Oxblood red (Matte)
  • Tropic Tonic - Full power coral (Matte
  • Velvet Teddy - Deep toned beige (Matte) re-promote
  • Whirl - Dirty Rose (Matte
When the collection was launched I immediately like always gravitated towards the nude brownish shades and picked up Whirl, Stone and Persistence. I also have Velvet teddy but this I picked up some time ago (because it is a re-promote and is part of this collection I have added it in this post). If you are one of those people however that the whole 90's look just does not do it for you then don't worry because the range is quite versatile. It ranges from light and bright pinks to bright red, brown, deep plum and even a bright royal blue, so there is something for every one.

From left: Whirl, Persistence, Stone, Velvet Teddy

The entire collection comes in a matte finish (if that wasn't obvious by the name alone) meaning that it has a flat finish with very little to no shine at all. Having said that they don't all have the same finish and that is because more than half of the collection comes out in the matte finish while the other half has the retro matte finish. The retro matte finish are flatter and more drying on the lips than their regular matte counter parts. The collection is not technically a limited edition in the traditional sense because it does not come out in limited edition packaging and the shades are not limited edition either as it is either part of the permanent line or it is being add to it.

From left: Whirl, Persistence, Stone, Velvet Teddy

MAC Stone Lipstick (R210,00) described as a muted greyish taupe brown. It is a subdued medium to dark taupe brown with warm greyish undertones. It has a velvety cream consistency with full opaque colour coverage. It is smooth and creamy and applies effortlessly, it has a satin to matte finish and dries flat matte after around two hours of wear.

MAC Persistence (R210,00) described as a peachy cinnamon. It is a medium brown with very warm reddish orange undertones. It has a almost satin matte finish which dries to a solid flat matte after around two hours of wear. Colour coverage is completely opaque and application is the easiest out of the four with a very creamy velvety consistency. It is allot more red than Whirl and allot darker than Velvet Teddy.

MAC Whirl (R210,00) described as a dirty rose. It is some where between a medium to dark rosy brown with mauve undertones. It has a light smooth creamy texture with full colour coverage and applies evenly with out effort. It lasted a full 4 hours and wore off evenly (You can read my full review here).

MAC Velvet Teddy (R210,00) described as a deep-tone beige. It is a medium rosy beige with hints of brown, rosy pink and warm undertones. It has a smooth creamy texture with a very comfortable satin feel. It has full colour coverage with a flat matte finish that applied smoothly with out tugging. It lasted a good 2 to 3 hours on (You can read my full review here).


  1. Oh my, what a stunning collection! Whirl looks absolutely gorgeous on you =)

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    1. Thank you =} they are all equally amazing but persistence has to be my fav!!

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  2. Too gorgeous!!! Velvet teddy has been my fave for almost a year now and I picked up Matte Royal and Stone in this collection and haven't swatched it yet lol. Persistence is definitely next on my list. My faves on you are Whirl and Velvet Teddy. Awesome post hun.
    Nisa (

    1. Velvet teddy is the one shade that i think works on everyone its been a staple in my collection since i got it, Persistence has to be my fav tho I love the color and the application its so creamy!

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