Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Morphe Brushes | 35O Natural Glow Palette

Over the last two or three months I have acquired not one or two but FOUR Morphe eyeshadow palettes. And yes this includes the very popular and sought after Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette (cue gasps). If you are into makeup in any way shape or form then chances are you have already heard all about the 35O palette. Every beauty blogger, Youtuber and their cousin has been talking about this palette. I love a neutral palette but it didn't really catch my eye until Jaclyn Hill started snapping about it. Listen when the Queen of Youtube tells you that you need something you do not argue you simply hand over your money.

This palette is one of those that seem to go out of stock even before it is restocked, Morphe has released quite a few on pre sales but they seem to be selling out almost instantly. I have heard however that it is going to be part of the permanent stock, so if you don't get it with part of these pre sales you can rest assured that you will get your hands on it at some point in time.

PACKAGING I am always a sucker for pretty packaging. The packaging of the Morphe eyeshadow palettes however are pretty basic. They come in a black plastic casing and even the pan that the actual eyeshadows are seated in is a flimsy soft plastic pan. It does not have a mirror on the inside, which is a bit of a let down because I cant help but think with the size of the lid how awesome it would be to have a decent size mirror in there. But when you see the size of the actual palette, the amount of eyeshadows you get and the quality of each shadow and then compare this with the price I can fully understand why they didn't put that much effort into the actual packaging. I have actually come to love the packaging though because its some what of a trade mark and its very quickly recognizable.

PRICE The palette retails for $22.99 USD on the Morphe website, this is before shipping (if you did the math this works out to about 65c per shadow) I picked it up in South Africa for R550,00 also before shipping (this worked out to about R15.72 per shadow). So logically if Morphe did spend more time and money on making the packaging less basic they would be charging us allot more for this palette. If you look at it that way I am more than happy with it and would urge Morphe to not change a thing. 

PRODUCT Each palette comes with 35 neutral to warm shadows (the Jaclyn Hill palette only came with 27 WHATS THE DEAL THERE MORPHE). There are 21 matte shades and 14 shimmer/metallic shades. The colors range from a really light bone cream, glittery champagne, light and deep orange to both light and dark browns. There is a wide range of transition shades, crease shades and all over lid shades. Ive personally found that the darker shades have quite allot of fall out so its best to do your eyes before the rest of your face. And the shimmer/metallic shades I've found it easier to use a makeup mixing spray to apply the true color otherwise its allot more on the sheer side. 

PRODUCT FORMULA You know the saying "You get what you paid for" and when it comes to makeup this saying almost all of the time is 100% true. I've found myself so many times so disappointed by something and I almost always end up saying "Yeah but for the price I guess its pretty good". Well when it comes to the Morphe eyeshadows I can honestly say that you get way more than you paid for. The matte shades are really easy to apply, blend out and build up, like I said there is a bit of fall out but I personally think most eyeshadows have that amount of fall out (on me anyway). The shimmer/metallic colors swatch really well with your finger but this doesn't transfer to the lid really well, unless you are using a makeup mixing spray like MAC's fix plus. It then shows the true color of the shadows pretty well. I have a few palettes from different brands (Urban decay, Stila, Chanel) and I honestly prefer my Morphe palettes above them all. The shadows are really creamy and easy to apply and they wear really well. They are also really pigmented. I have oily eye lids and most of my other eye shadows by the end of the day have completely worn off. The Morphe ones I physically have to remove, and I have also found that they actually look better by the end of the day after it has settled on to my skin. 

With regards to the fall out and the shimmer/metallic shades not applying really well, I have found that it also depends on the brush you are using. It is true, the better the tool the better the application so I can say you need to take that into consideration as well. 

Have you tried any of the Morphe eyeshadows? What do you think of them and which palettes would you recommend? Let me know...

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