Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stila Sweet Treat Bronzing Powder Review

If you read my Stila post before Valentines day then you would have seen that Stila released the most gorgeous limited edition bronzer as a sweet treat for Valentines day this year! And although Valentines day has LONG come and gone I wanted to share my thoughts before this oh so pretty palette has to be packed away for winter *cries

Every year Stila releases a limited edition item just for Valentines day, its always affordable and budget friendly. And being Valentines day inspired it is always gorgeous and pretty! This year was no different when they released the Sweet Treat bronzing powder, which was inspired by a bar of chocolate. And I don't know about you but I would choose a bar of chocolate like this every year over a real bar of chocolate given the choice *hint hint

There are 9 blocks containing 3 different shades: matte brown, shimmery brown and peach. I absolutely hate shimmery bronzers and was really scared that this one would be another shimmery glitter pot but the shimmer is so subtle and the 3 shades balance each other out and work perfectly together. Your meant to swirl all the blocks together and use them all at once to create a natural sunkissed glow. The blocks contain raised letters spelling Stila as well as pretty little hearts but unfortunately this was gone with in the first couple of uses.

I personally found this bronzer to be highly pigmented it is easy to over apply and look like you have really dirty patches on your face so you really need to have a light hand. On my tanned skin I found that the brown and peach shades work really good together and the shimmery block adds the perfect natural glow to where ever your applying it. The powder picks up really easily on your brush and applies really smoothly, it has a velvety texture when applied and it blends really well so it doesn't look like its sitting on top of the skin. Even applied on its own I found that it stays really well on the skin, but my combination skin causes it to wear off around the middle of the day.

This has become my everyday go to bronzer and is a very high recommendation from me if you can still get your hands on it. They are going for R175.00 so hurry hurry and see if you can still pick one up!

Can be purchased from Woolworths and Rubybox

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