Thursday, March 13, 2014

Storyderm Collagen Silk Mask

I've been suffering with this dryness around my mouth area and my chin lately and its been annoying me because I've found it difficult to blend bb/cc cream or foundation around that area without it looking like I have blotchy patches of to much product on my face. I've tried extra moisturizer which caused me to break out and also a serum which is supposed to give you an extra boost of moisture but the minute it soaks in the dry patch is back again. Now if someone had told me to try this cloth face mask that I had actually received in my #CPTBloggerMeetUp goodie bag that's been lying in my draw for weeks I'd have shrugged them off. But my husband was working late so I decided to do a pamper session and give one of them ago and am I ever glad I did because this stuff really does work.

I went with the firming, moisturizing and brightening mask.  The instructions are pretty simple: After cleansing, dry face and soothe with toning water. Gently apply the mask to fit your face contours leave it on for 15 - 20 minutes. Remove mask and do not rinse. Allow excess moisture to be absorbed. The way the mask is designed to work is that it creates a protective layer over the skin, and heats up with the body temperature and keeps this heat in allowing the moisture to be absorbed into the skin helping to nourish and soften the skin.

What I love about this mask 

  • They are reusable and you can get more than one use out of them, I so far got 2 and there is totally enough product for a third use.
  • They are not messy, one thing I hate about facial masks is the washing off after and most of the time you need to moisturize again because the water drys out the skin leaving it tight. All you simply need to do it remove the mask and that's it 
  • At first when you remove the mask your left with some really wet patches but I just rub the excess into my skin all over and leave it to dry naturally so the pieces that the mask did not cover also get moisturized.
  • It leaves the skin with this really soft layer and that area around my mouth it totally soft even after washing it the dryness hasn't come back yet.
  • My skin was not left oily and it looked natural and bright not dull at all.
  • You can look like a SERIAL KILLER for FREE that's always a bonus for me.
The Storyderm brand is a Korean skin care brand which is distributed in South Africa by Cherryink Group.
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  1. "You can look like a serial killer for free" Love it! I scared the hectic out of my daughter when I had mine on :)

    1. I scared myself a little at how well the serial killer look looks on me hahaha

      Thanks for the comment xoxo


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