Monday, March 31, 2014

Wakaberry Frozen Yoghurt Bar

I am a sucker for anything that's customizable so when someone tells me I can build my own ice cream and add exactly what I want to it and as much as I like you best believe ill be there first hand to test that shit out! A couple of weeks ago I discovered that we also had our own Wakaberry on Kloof street in Cape Town, and ever since going in and buying a bottle of water I have been begging my hubby to take me back so I can test it out for myself. And after all my nagging complaining sweet talking in getting him to take me he finally caved hahaha

What is Wakaberry: It is a self service soft serve frozen yoghurt bar. It was started in 2011 and was established in Durban. The frozen yoghurt is said to be 100% real frozen yoghurt and really low in fat (im guessing this is before you add all your toppings ;-) ) They offer a wide variety of flavours which vary from store to store. Its said to be South Africas first frozen yoghurt brand that offers self service concepts that allows you to be the boss of your creation. They offer an affordable pay per weight pricing system which means you can have as much or as little as you like.

The way it works: As they say yes everything is self service. They give you your desired size bowl and your then instructed to choose a ice cream which you dispense from the soft serve machine yourself. You can add as much or as little as you like and you can mix every flavour if that tickles your taste buds. You then add your choice off toppings which range from fresh fruit, nuts and biscuits to sprinkles, 100s and 1000s, gum sweets, sour worms, smarties, astros, chocolates (seriously the variety of sweets is so much I think ill stop there)

There is also different sauces and syrups that your allowed to use and then everything is weighed on a little scale and your then billed from there. I was so scared that Id be billed a arm and a leg that I stuck to just a spoon full of what ever I wanted. I went with Caramel flavoured ice cream and topped that off with peppermint chocolate and astros and chocolate sauce (If you haven't noticed by now I am obsessed with chocolate well now you know)

I have to say that price wise it really is a bargain cause I had quite allot in my bowl and it only came to about R30 which was disappointing cause Id def have tried everything if I knew hahaha Now I know that Wakaberry is a  frozen yoghurt ice cream and you can definitely taste the ice cream itself has more of a sour yoghurt taste to it rather than the creamy sweet taste that most ice cream have. Which for me was a bit over powering, even with all the sweetness of the chocolate pieces and the chocolate sauce it still was a bit to sour for my taste buds but the experience was definitely a good one. Would still recommend to try even if its just the once.

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