Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MAC Sandy B Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago I was on a crazy hunt for a bronzed lipgloss or lipstick and discovered the MAC Nymphette Lipgloss you can read my review here. I have been obsessing over this lipgloss ever since I got it and have been wanting to find a lipstick like it, but as usual the MAC girls have been no help (they are to busy layering on makeup to help you find something) Then the other day I stood testing out almost all the shades at the lipstick stand to find something even remotely similar! At first I found two lipsticks that if you layered them are almost exactly the colour but I don't want all that work. Then I found it the lipstick that is almost the exact same on!

I present to you Sandy B! My new best friend and lipstick that I don't leave the house with out. If you ask me Sandy B is the lipstick version of the Nymphette lipgloss, it has the same peach undertone with prominent gold sheen more than a shimmer. I also found that if you use the lipstick as a base and then top it with the lipgloss it makes the peach and gold pop even more! This is my first MAC lipstick and I must say I can't believe I took so long to get one. It is really creamy and moisturizing on you lips and you get a good couple of hours wear out of it. The lipstick is more of the matte version to the super shiny lipgloss.

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